Reflection Essay Sample

Pre-Reflection Essay

In this week’s assignment, I have decided to assume the role of a project coordinator for three weeks in the school’s Department of Civil Engineering. After discussing with the project manager, I have realized that working as a coordinator will help me to put to practice the skills I have acquired in class in this course. The project coordinator plays a crucial role in ensuring that the project runs smoothly without unnecessary delays or inconveniences. The projector coordinator converts the plan into paper into an actual structure. The teams involved in the implementation phase report to the coordinator in charge. The project manager provides an overview of the process to the coordinator and the project manager then guides the team in transforming ideas into something tangible.

The Principle of Chemical Engineering Design course requires a student to understand how to design projects and implement them in the real world. With the help of civil engineers in our engineering school and other project coordinators, I will not only comprehend but also attain the skills and competencies required of one to become a successful designer. Major projects begin from a simple design. As an engineering designer, I have to know the concept behind converting paper designs into real projects. My instructor is determined to ensure that I acquire the knowledge and apply it in the real world. Thereby, participating in the implementation of one of the school projects will provide him with an opportunity to assess my skills and abilities to enable him establish whether or not his teaching methods are effective.

I know that I will be assigned some tasks that are not part of my profession in the project, but some of my greatest strengths include the ability and the willingness to learn new things. I believe that learning is a continuous process full of new adventures which provide us with vast experiences in life. Additionally, I have an ability to work under pressure and even in tough environments to meet deadlines. I understand that project designing, planning, and implementing projects demand certain activities to be conducted. People working on a project are expected to observe specific schedules (Dieter and Schmidt 39). However, one of my weaknesses is failing to extend working hours to learn more and prepare for the next day (Sinnott and Towler 20). Project sites have to be closed and opened at specific times, so I have to adjust my schedule to fit these timelines.

I am confident that after spending some time with other engineers and workers I will understand the engineering field better. My communication and interpersonal skills will improve since project coordinators have to be effective speakers. Again, my teamwork experience will improve because projects cannot be completed successfully without working collaboration with all stakeholders. Working with different people will also expose me to diverse work settings where employees have to understand the work culture as well as respect their workers’ opinions. Furthermore, I will have a chance to improve my leadership and management skills and since coordinating projects involves managing and leading employees. Finally, the experience gained from the project will be a test of my abilities as an aspiring engineering designer and will provide a foundation for building a successful career in future.

Post-Reflection Essay

Following my experience as a project coordinator in the engineering department, I now understand the different stages and challenges that project leaders experience when designing, planning, and implementing certain stages. Moreover, the three months spent during that particular learning process have provided the audience with an atmosphere to comprehend the diverse roles engineers play in providing more insights into the various roles I can perform as an engineering designer. I had a chance to employ the skills acquired from class in ensuring that I carefully followed instructions and expand my knowledge (Dieter and Schmidt 13). Undeniably, it is unrealistic to claim to be professional if I do not have any worthy experience in the real world. Ultimately, the best way to achieve my learning goals is to practice my skills and knowledge to become successful in my career.

From experience, I have realized that I learn effectively through work experience and observing what others do. That is vital since in engineering things often change with advances in technology and methods of executing projects. Therefore, it helps to know what peers are doing and what is happening in the sector. I always thought that problem solving only requires an individual’s skills and knowledge, but after interacting with other engineers, I understand that a professional should have the ability to explore different options. I wish that before this assignment I had known that my current knowledge can be adapted to a new comprehension and innovation. During the first week, I was assigned to jobs that required me to give recommendations and opinions on an already working project. The test required a critical thinking approach and evaluation of the knowledge one has and how it can be used to enhance an almost perfect process.

Specifically, these encounters also allowed me to effectively apply my strengths by handling challenging tasks and being able to complete them on time with minimal supervision. Despite experiencing difficulties in adapting to the site opening and closing deadlines, I created extra time to interact with the more experienced personnel in the workplace after work. Working on different assignments permitted me to apply the skills and knowledge I acquired in the different engineering courses in our department, such as communication, finance, and project management. Proficient engineers have to figure out the importance of communication and interpersonal skills, efficient budget management, and ensuring that projects are completed on time. The work provided the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge to the real world s.

The overall work experience was great for my future working encounters since my communication skills, confidence, leadership skills, and teamwork skills significantly developed. My supervisors always complimented my efforts and urged me to continue with the hard work and build a successful career. Not only did I have the chance to enhance my fundamental skills, but I also had the ‘soft’ ones, such as the willingness to learn, and self-motivation, which are an integral part of developing my CV. Moreover, my passion for pursuing an engineering course was significantly influenced by this work since it provided me with a foundation to evaluate my capabilities towards establishing a great profession. However, I consider 12 weeks as a short time for engineering students who must have vast experience to remain competitive in their careers. The engineering department should consider doubling the duration period to expose the students to the practical world rather than emphasize theoretical knowledge. I am impressed by my achievements, and I urge the university to maintain this trend to equip students with the essential experience needed in the job market.

Works Cited

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Career Guide

Training to Become a Better Project Manager

Project management is a significant skill that every professional should have. Every position requires you to know how to properly manage your time, your tasks, and your resources at hand. Otherwise, you will not be great when organizing what you currently are tasked to do. Since most managerial positions should know about project management, it’s better that you already have the right training so you can quickly put your skills to the test when the time comes.

Project management training courses are the first step in learning how to become an effective and skilled worker. You will learn the basics, what you should do and not do when you’re already in the field. As time passes by, you will quickly adapt to your work, knowing that you have the knowledge and resources to become a part of the team.

The Main Benefits of Becoming a Professional Project Manager

Becoming a project manager can be a bit daunting at first, knowing that you are in charge of many tasks and projects. But it’s a step that you should take to learn the basics of becoming an effective leader. If you want to become a project manager, you need to know why proper training is important. You will also learn how to use these skills once you become a full-fledged manager.

  1. Accomplish your main goals faster – Once you already know the resources that you can utilize to accomplish a specific goal, you will be able to do it right away. It will help you not just in your workplace, but in your personal life as well.
  2. Become more career-oriented – You are trained to become better when it comes to your organizational and leadership skills. This makes your skills in-demand.
  3. Far better quality of work – You will notice how project management training can help you in your daily tasks. It will be much easier for you to put your ideas into reality, with a better outcome.
  4. Know the importance of time – Meeting deadlines is a crucial factor when it comes to managing. You will slowly meet your deadlines one by one until you get the habit of finishing your tasks ahead of time.

How Training Positively Affects Trainees

If you want to become an effective project manager, PM training will help you live your life to the fullest. It will slowly come to you naturally since forcing these will put a strain on your performance. Once you adapt the knowledge and skills you learned, becoming a project manager will be the most straightforward job. That’s why training courses are important to let you embrace these skills without hesitation.

Aside from learning new skills, you will also develop the skills that you currently have. In other words, you get a personal upgrade to your set of skills that becomes more useful in the workplace. You will slowly become an active member of your organization, plus you get the benefits of becoming a successful mentor.

Online Education

Improving Analytical Reasoning And More In Your Kids Through Game Based Learning

Parents are always in the lookout to make studies quite simple and fun filled for their kids. With the lockdown and its high end affects, students are stuck at home, away from their schools and friends. Therefore, they are way more bored than usual and won’t even feel like attending the online classes. After getting such involvement from students, the educational sector has thought of adding game based learning into the field. Right from the start, this concept was taken fairly well with increased numbers of students showing up for the classes. Now, they are more than interested to learn about new things, without feeling bored at all.

Improving the final educational goal:

You must be wondering what exactly this game based learning is. It is basically the proper use of gaming with some of the educational goals in the end. These steps will actually help to support your child’s growth and learning. It is one way to improve your little one’s analytical thinking. Some of the games like Sudoku will help in promoting analytical thinking about children and right from a tender age. Now you get to incorporate that under learning faculties and get desired results in the end.

A perfect way to scoop up logical reasoning:

There are so many puzzles that you get to see in math online classes. These puzzles are perfectly crafted for promoting logical reasoning among little ones, just like the parents might have asked for it. Even some online scrabble games will help the little kids to learn more about spellings and words. Then you have the Lego Tower App. It is a perfect way to help kids learn more about collaboration and proper teamwork. So, make sure to learn more about these apps and game based learning, before you plan to enroll your kids for some now.


5 Good Reasons to Learn English Online

There is no denying that the ability to write and speak English fluently is an important skill to acquire no matter where you are in the world. People need such a capability to be successful in business as well as their personal lives.

Think about it — mastering English opens up many opportunities for being a strong, competitive and positive individual. However, learning this language could prove challenging but not impossible. Nowadays, practically anyone can learn English through the Internet. However, this begs the question — should you do so?

Why learn English online?

The adage “just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should” comes to mind. Of course, we’re not nearly bold enough to suggest that taking an online course will yield the same results as attending classes with an actual English tutor. Still, it’s a good option for people who have no other alternative due to their busy schedules — work, family, personal commitments, etc.

Learning English online is also generally much more affordable compared to attending actual classes. For one thing, enrolment fees are usually lower, and you don’t have to spend any amount of time and money commuting to class.

Consider the following factors that make online English courses the perfect learning medium for you:

  • Online English courses are much more flexible. This is important as most people do not find the time during the day to attend in-person classes. An online English speaking course provides you with the versatility to study based on your convenience. You can set your schedule as you see fit and don’t have to sacrifice any of your current commitments.
  • English tutors are much more accessible online. Unlike in a classroom setting, you can connect with teachers from around the world at any time most convenient for you. As a result, you can get immediate feedback on any questions or concerns through e-mails or live chat sessions.
  • Given that you are not familiar with the English language, a traditional class might have you speak lesser due to not being sure about how to frame the sentence right. Well, that’s not the case with online English courses. One-on-one sessions with an online English tutor will help ensure you get the attention and opportunities you need to practice and master the language.
  • Thanks to the Internet, study materials for learning English are much easier to find over the Internet compared to conventional, printed sheets. The same goes for referencing notes, posting questions along with all the other advantages afforded by digital technology.
  • You have no shortage of options when it comes to English courses. This is because the significance of possessing the ability to speak and write in English is well recognized. Hence, you’ll find plenty of English tutors on the Internet offering to help people get a good grasp of the English language.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that English is an art, and the same goes for learning the language. It’s a steep path for many, and an online English course helps make the goal of learning the language much more attainable.

Online Education

Online Education Program – A Booming Platform That Offers A Brighter Future

With the challenges that universities and colleges are currently facing in the world today, including higher tuition fees, and lack of some courses, many students, both new and existing students, as well as those who love to study but don’t have much time to do so are now turning to online educational programs. About three million students are now enrolling in full online degree programs, and about eight million students are also taking at least one online course as part of their graduate program. This process obviously made online education as the best and popular alternatives for everyone who loves to study.

According to Rasyog, continuous improvement in the reputation of online learning has also contributed to its population, as there are significant evidences that online learning is very effective just like the face-to-face learning. I have taken some online courses; my overall experience is very unique as this program is quite flexible and very convenient. They offer educational information that will help your education aspect and business.

Great Benefits of Online Education Programs over Traditional Education Programs

Students from active professionals to recent graduates discover several reasons to participate in online educational courses. Here are some great benefits why you need online education program:

Selection Of Courses And Programs: – From four-year universities to fully online professional colleges, the current institution of higher education offers a range of opportunities for students. This means that no matter what you want to study, you will find them on online education. You will also be able to receive all online academic degrees to Ph.D. career certificates.

Lower Overall Costs: – Online educational courses and programs are more affordable than traditional college and universities most time. Although not all online degrees have lower tuition costs than traditional universities, but the associated costs are almost always lower than traditional college and universities. There will not be any travel costs or any compulsory course material, such as textbooks. All reading materials you need are available for free of charge online. In addition, many colleges and universities have begun accepting credits from latest free open online courses. Free online courses can help students meet general education requirements at low or no cost.

A Very Comfortable Learning Environment: – Nowadays, commercials featuring online students learning in their pajamas are now becoming more popular as they express one of the main benefits of online education. There is no physical education. Lectures and reading materials are handed to students electronically, where they can read and complete their homework. As a student will not have to deal with traffic, leave work early to go to classes or find parking.

Flexibility and Convenience: – online educational programs offer students the opportunity to choose their study time for the day either early in the morning or late at night, rather than going to class from morning to evening. Online educational programs course materials are always available online, and they are asynchronously. Therefore, it is not necessary to plan special visits to the library. All these benefits make online educational programs the best attractions for everyone.

Avoid Traveling: – in a bad weather condition, universities can cancel classes. For example, student living in areas with serious traffic problems may find it difficult to attend class. Instead of going to class late or missing important lectures, students who are into online educational programs can still join the course by participating in online discussions, reading their materials and attending conference seminars base on their time. Students also find that the amount of fuel savings achieved can be considerable if they do not have to travel to a general physical campus, regardless of the weather.

Improve Your Technical Skills: – Every basic online educational program involves the development of new computer skills as students learn to navigate through various Learning Management Systems. The skills that students obtain to participate in their online courses result in multiple professions like sharing and drafting documents, incorporating video and audio into homework, etc., all of which are part of online educational learning.

All of the above benefits clearly explain the astronomical growth of online educational learning. There are numerous online institutes offering certificates and diplomas in many courses. For those wondering if this is a good alternative learning, I say yes. For online marketers and those running their businesses, online educational training is the best solution because you don’t have to leave your business for any class. It means you will be able to study online at your own precious time.