3 Reasons Why Kids Should Have Homework and Why They Shouldn’t


The advantages of giving the school-going kids homework have always been debated by parents and teachers for a very long time now as the word is known to evoke certain negative connotations to everyone involved such as students, teachers, and the parents as well. While there are some who might consider homework to be a negative thing that causes more harm than the good, there are some that don’t. Some people believe that having extra homework can increase unnecessary stress for the students and parents.

However, there are some who disagree and think that there are some amazing advantages to having homework for children and constantly keep on encouraging schools to provide them with homework. Those who believe in the positivist of homework also believe that it provides a way for the kids to think outside of their classroom. To be honest, homework can be a friend and a foe to the students. That means, there are advantages and disadvantages to it. This is what we are going to discuss here. 

The Advantages of Homework

Here we are presenting the major benefits of having homework for students. Homework can help students gain the cognitive and meta-cognitive abilities along with some other benefits as well. Students can opt for tutoring in Las Vegas to get some help with their homework as these services are available to guide them all the time.

  • A Close Relationship Between Teacher and Student

One of the major advantages of homework is that it allows the teachers and students to have a closer relationship as they can work with each other to complete the homework. They will be able to discuss different assignments and the problems that they are having with certain sections. Surely, that will offer them a proper environment to work with. 

  • Students Can Opt For Help From Parents 

Another one of the benefits is that it also provides some time for the students and their parents to interact with each other. When in doubt, children often tend to go to the parent for clearing it out. So, this way the parents are a part of their child’s education. Not just that but the students are also benefitted from it as they can get clear indications on certain parts where they have doubts. So, in a way, homework helps in promoting the involvement of parents in their educational life in the best ways. 

  • Preparation For Tests

The third important benefit of having homework is that it will prepare the child for some big end examinations. In case your child is doing poorly in the homework or assignments provided to him/her, then they will be able to learn what it takes to perform in the best way. No doubt, it also offers a reason for students to prepare and practice more. So, they will ultimately do well in the exams. After all, practice makes perfect. Apart from that, doing homework will also make your children more responsible. Submitting the homework in a designated time will tell them about the importance of punctuality and so much more. 

The Disadvantages of Homework

While there are so many different positives of doing homework, there are often some negatives to it as well. These might not be as strong as the positives but some people do believe in these reasons. Some of them are provided below. 

  • No Time To Relax 

Children who are always under pressure of doing their homework will not really have much time to relax or to take some time off from their work. There is always a pressure of completing their homework every single night and that can be a bit daunting for students. After all, they too need some time to refresh their minds from the activities of the day. While that is a very good point, if students are punctual and they complete their homework before, then they can surely relax for some time. They can also take homework help in Las Vegas NV to assist them in their homework and help them complete it sooner. 

  • Reducing Family Time 

It is important for a child to have some family time, especially when they are growing. Without this special time with the family, some social problems can always crop up and the family unit often has to compromise. Homework can take up a lot of time and that means children don’t really get to spend much time with their family and friends. 

  • Cheating

When there is too much homework for students, it can often encourage cheating. There are many children that just copy the answers from someone else in their attempts to complete their homework on time. So, in the end, they develop a habit of cheating which is not beneficial to the student for sure. 

So, these are some of the advantages and disadvantages of homework. Make sure to guide your child in the best way so that they can achieve the best results when it comes to homework.

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