Placements at Bennett University – An Overview

Founded in 2016, Bennett University‘s engineering programme has been awarded as the 2nd best B.Tech programme in India by Times Engineering Ranking 2020, whereas the BBA program is ranked 3rd across the country. Backed by the Times Group, Bennett University focuses extensively on hands-on learning, industry interface, and international collaborations with leading institutions globally.

To top that, many Bennett University courses have impeccable placement records across both technical and non-technical disciplines, making it a great choice for students.

In this article, we’ll be analysing the placement process, salary trends, and top companies hiring at Bennett University in detail. Read on to know more.

Placement Process

The placement team works closely with top organizations and conducts regular sessions, internships and recruitment drives for multiple Bennett University courses such as B.Tech, B.A. LLB, MBA, and Ph.D, among others. Students can submit resumes and registration forms, which are then sent to the organization. Students are then finally selected depending on the defined placement criteria.

Placements 2020

The 2020 placements season at Bennett University produced some really outstanding results as many courses offered 90-100% placement with companies like Berger, Microsoft, KPMG, and NASSCOM, among others, recruiting students.

The highest and average salaries for different Bennett University courses such as B.Tech, MBA, BJMC, and BBA are mentioned below:

  • BJMC – Highest salary offered was INR 4.2 LPA while the average salary package offered was INR 3.5 LPA.
  • BBA – The highest salary for BBA was INR 7 LPA, with the average package being INR 4 LPA.
  • Tech – The highest salary package offered was INR 44 LPA while the average salary offered stood at INR 5.5 LPA.
  • MBA – The MBA programme at Bennett offered the highest salary at INR 7.5 LPA while the average salary was INR 6.57 LPA.

A total of 96 companies visited the campus during this period in 2020, with 71 of them hiring students from the B.Tech programme and 25 from the MBA programme.

Salary Trends

Looking at the past 2 years’ trends related to MBA placements at Bennett University, there’s enough data that suggests a slight drop from 2019 to 2020. For the MBA programme specifically, the average salary was INR 7.2 LPA in 2019 compared to INR 6.5 LPA in 2020. The highest salary package offered in 2019 was INR 8.25 LPA, which further dropped to INR 7.5 LPA in 2020.

Companies Hiring from Bennett University

Companies hiring from Bennett University are spread across sectors like IT & Software, FMCG, Industrial Engineering, Media and Entertainment, and others. The various courses at Bennett University have seen some of the best companies hire students for both full-time roles as well as summer internships.

Some popular recruiters at Bennett University placements include,

  1. Microsoft
  2. Byjus
  3. net
  4. KPMG
  5. TCS
  6. Goldman Sachs

Summer Internships at Bennett University

Apart from full-time roles, Bennett University also offers summer internships to students. In 2019, 6 B.Tech students were provided paid internships across 91 participating companies, whereas for the MBA course at Bennett University, 75% of students received internships from 33 companies. The stipend offered for both were as follows –

  • Highest stipend for B.Tech – INR 80,000 PM
  • Highest stipend for MBA – INR 20,000 PM

Domain-Wise Split: Bennett University Alumni

22% of alumni belong to the education sector, whereas business development and operations come next with 18% and 10% contribution, respectively. Surprisingly, 11% of the alumni were placed in sectors like program management, consulting, and research, among others.

That said, the placement record of Bennett University is quite impressive. In a short span, the institution has been able to create a name amongst students looking for a practically oriented learning environment and superior career growth.


What Makes JGU A Top Private University in Haryana

The Jindal Global University is one of the top private universities in Haryana. However, not many people know how it became an institute with such high reputation. We will discuss the factors that have significantly transformed the status of the university. It all began with a simple philosophy of bringing a change in the education sector of the country. The goal was simple, to build a great university that will become the epitome of high-quality education and produce students with an exceptional level of thinking and desire.

  • Exceptional Infrastructure

The university has a great infrastructure with plenty of facilities for its students. There are separate boys and girls hostels with AC with a high emphasis on hygiene. The campus also has gym and actively supports various types of outdoor games for the fitness of the students. The library of the university is one of the largest in India. The collection of books, journals and study materials is simply magnificent

  • Well-designed Curriculum

The curriculum of the various courses taught at this university is created by consulting various industry experts. They help create the perfect industry-oriented syllabus for the various courses. After all, the students are required to learn the latest tools and techniques to get successful in their respective career paths.

  • Tie-ups with Multiple Organizations

The university has collaborations with multiple high-profile organizations to provide internships, training, student exchange programs and placement programs. The university is committed to provide not just simple education but also several means to improve the overall personality of the students by giving them the perfect opportunity to hone their skills in the real world before their graduation.

  • Brilliant Teaching Staff

The students always get support from the brilliant teaching staff of the university. Each professor of the university has ample experience in teaching. They are always ready to help the students in any case of doubt regarding their subject matter. Throughout the duration of any course, they will teach various subjects in a pretty detailed and easy manner.

  • Stellar Research Centers

The presence of the 50 interdisciplinary research centers with over 2000 research publications since the inception of the university is the perfect example of the research prowess of the university. The students with an ambition to pursue a career in the research field can join the university without any doubt.

The Final Decision

In the end, it’s your choice to get admission into whatever institute you desire for your study and future requirement. However, the aforementioned university is perfectly situated at the summit among the top 100 universities in India. The experience of learning here would definitely be something of a lifetime achievement for the students of any course in the above-mentioned university.


Why choose Southampton University

When looking at going into further education, the sheer scale of universities to choose from in England is tough. With so many options to look into, it can be easy to make a choice that might not actually be a great one for you personally. If you want to avoid such a situation, then we recommend that you take a closer look at Southampton University.

Based down in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, Southampton University is a wonderful place to study. If you would like to find somewhere to study that is fun and endearing in equal measure, and comes with a great educational history, then starting to look at Southampton University might just be a good idea.

As ever, though, it depends on if the University itself does the course you wish to take on. If it does, then you should look to apply: we’ll take a look at why in ma moment. For now, though, you can feel comfortable knowing that the reason a trip to the Southampton University is recommended is down to the location. If you can find a more naturally impressive and immersive location in the South Coast to stay in, please let us know!

Why Choose Southampton University?

Excellent location. Based in an easy to get to location, Southampton University is among the easiest to get to in the country. This makes it a fun choice for anyone who is either not great with travel or would like to avoid the stresses of travelling around all day. Thanks to Southampton Uni, you can get access to a university that is easy to get to and makes it easy to get back to the main city landmarks and student accommodation locations at the same time, making getting around much easier than ever before.

Friendly staff. Few further education facilities can boast the near-universal approval that Southampton Uni carries. There’s so much to enjoy about Southampton, but the Uni is great due to the staff who are here to help you succeed. If you want to get the help that you can to improve as a student, then you need the correct kind of tuition. A trip here makes it very easy for you to get that kind of tuition without much issue, ensuring that you can see genuine progress within yourself very easily.

Consistent results. Thanks to the fine locale and the friendly nature of the staff, students here often do very well for themselves. Attainment levels are high and people who tend to come here leave with more opportunities open to them than they would or could have had themselves. This makes it very easy to get the kind of consistent results that you would want, need and expect when putting yourself into further education.

For these reasons, then, you should find it easy to see enrollment in this university as a strictly positive thing. Used properly it can make all the difference to your general frame of mind moving forward. Now you know where to choose, when will you take a trip down to look around?


Value Mags Considering New Markets and Sustainability

ValueMags has recently been considering entering new markets such as Canada and more specifically, Canadian universities. Canadian universities are among the most sought out educational experiences by international students and ValueMags is seeking to contribute to that experience. One of the main issues that ValueMags has currently run into is that their products are not sustainable which goes against some of the core values Canadian universities. One of the biggest and more prestigious Canadian universities is the University of British Columbia. To ensure that ValueMags has a shot at campaigning to university students in Canada, ValueMags is considering going completely digital.

ValueMags understands that UBC’s Sustainability program is claimed to be the one that best with 636 sustainability courses and 48 sustainability programs they are well known from their efforts through environmental sustainability. Within the Sustainability Program there are numerous sub-initiatives all having their own set of plans and objectives. According to the UBC webpage there are 10 campus initiatives currently taking place including Recycling and Waste, Water, Green Building, Purchasing, Food, Transportation. Green Lab’s, Social Sustainability, Economic Sustainability, Economic Sustainability and the Sustainability Revolving Fund. We are targeting Students in UBC with little to no disposable income as well as a very involved student life. The targeted students for the program are ideally in an environmental program or course who have already adopted a lifestyle that revolves around the environment and focus greatly on recycling and reducing their consumption. This means that ValueMags is going to have to strongly consider not only providing universities with sustainable platforms but online magazines that address environmental issues.

As environmental awareness raises in the province of British Columbia, many Universities are beginning to take action. Universities throughout British Columbia are present and competing to discover new and innovative ways to develop their Sustainability Programs. Schools like the University of Victoria, Vancouver Island University, Simon Fraser University and others have their own respective programs.

ValueMags intends to positions their campaign towards the engaged students of UBC’s sustainability program. Their campaign would be simple yet challenging to the school. The school tree planting challenge provides goals and requirements to meet to maximize the school participation and reward them with free subscription to online magazines. The campaign will ideally also provide assets to the university in the form of online subscriptions to high profile magazines caterer to their program and needs.


The Rising Need for Accessible Accommodation for University Students

University education has become extremely expensive. Apart from the sky-high tuition fees, students also have to worry about the costs of living. You will need to rent a room and pay for transportation and daily upkeep and maintenance. Needless to say, this proves to be a considerable fiscal burden for most students. Most students who join universities in different cities or go abroad to study look for affordable accommodation. However, finding an affordable place to live is much easier said than done.

Recent research conducted by a private company called Aspen Woolf showed that in certain parts of the globe, the accommodation provided to most university students lacked basic facilities, and was in fact, worse than the jails in some Nordic countries. The situation is much worse for disabled students. For instance, the study showed that many places that offered affordable accommodation for university students often lacked essential facilities for disabled students, such as ramps alongside the stairs.

Even though standards have improved significantly in the past couple of decades, there is still a long way to go before university students can afford to rent a place that offers a comfortable living atmosphere. Disabled students often face more difficulties, as they need places which offer accessibility and ease of movement. Here’s what you need to know about the rising need for accessible accommodation for university students.

Government Acts

The Disability Discrimination Act was passed in 2005. Five years later, the Equality Act was passed by the Government. Both these Acts of Parliament were designed to mandate that disabled people be treated equally and accommodated in universities and workplaces. However, several studies have shown that the increased focus by the government hasn’t really had the desired impact. Many thought that once these acts were passed, private organisations and local councils would have to take notice in order to offer better accessibility to disabled people. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case just yet.

A recent study showed that only 20% of the university dorm buildings offered adequate toilet facilities for disabled people who needed hoists in order to use the lavatory. Furthermore, the study also stated that almost 30% of the disabled people that were surveyed found it difficult to gain access to student union buildings. Needless to say, this made it virtually impossible for these people to apply for higher positions.


Disabled people account for approximately 18% of the population of England. More than 9.4 million disabled people reside in the country. Equal representation is extremely important in the country. Universities are being asked to improve their facilities and renovate their buildings in order to make them more accessible for disabled students. The government has also hired several research organisations in order to conduct surveys among disabled students so that their problems can be highlighted and brought out into the open. Ending discrimination completely may take a long while, but at least the right steps are being taken.

Equal access at universities