Why An International School In Hong Kong Best For The Students?

If you are willing to get admission of your child to the well-known school in the world then Harrow international school is the best one. The school is offering boarding facilities to the children coming from other countries so they get a home-like environment and get studies in the high-level school. There are many reasons o join this school.


Harrow international school Honk Kong offers quality education to primary and middle-level students. Leadership is the main quality of the school. In modern history, Winston Churchill, King Hussein, and Nehru had learned from the school and set an example for the generations. The school is offering the leadership phenomenon to students to use their talents and skill to make life. Moreover, school is teaching students in a way so the pupil achieves their career goals.

  • The school teaches the following leadership aspects to pupil
  • Contribution in a positive way to the community
  • Use of knowledge with compassion
  • To resolve the matter with collaboration as well as using creative skills
  • Making positive and fair choices
  • Be determined and face challenges with courage.

The basic aim of the school is to get input from the parents, students, and teachers to fulfill the vision statement plus, to meet the expectations to achieve goals.

Another basic purpose of the Harrow School is to provide the framework to have better collaboration. In this way, students and teachers interact and they create a better environment for studies.

Other Reasons To Join Harrow International School

Parents love the school because of other reasons as well

Involvement Of Parents

The school gives honor to the parents and appreciates their involvement with the teachers and contribution in the studies matter. School keeps the engagement of the parents in the following way.

Creation Of Parent Consultation Groups

The main purpose of creating the parent-teacher group is to promote the community sense. Moreover, its objective is that parents share their ideas and views in their children’s classroom. The group meets each term to provide a link between the parents and lower school. Moreover, it provides the forum and discusses procedures, issues, and policies that are associated with the school’s operation at a particular term or phase.

Parent-Teacher Groups For House

In the relevant year, the school makes one parent a representative of each group. The main role is the promotion of a sense of community among the parents. Moreover,

Parents also represent the parent’s point of view and discuss the issues. The groups meet in each term and discuss different procedures and issues in the schools. They have to do a meeting for policies in the zone of House structure.

Governor And Parent Group

Another good aspect of the school’s policy is the parent governer group creation. The group meets each term to discuss the strategies and plans related to school. Moreover, they discuss the direction of the school. The group is created by one representative from the Senior house Parent group, one from the prep group parent group, and one from the ower school. All parents collaborate with governors and discuss matters related to the school policy.

Parent groups in other departments

The food committee and transport also create a parent group to discuss about the improvement and changes in the particular department. The school is operated by the non-profit company to regulate these departments and hold the charge of the transport as well as the food department.

The Asis international school company oversees the departments and provides assistance as well as technical advice. The main aim is to support the management of the school and to support the different departments.

Pastoral care

Pastoral care is another wonderful expect of the school. It is offered by the school to ensure the success of the students, school emphasis the quality of education and building a relationship. To meet a social vision statement

The harrow school is offering a high standard of education that reflect the value of the tradition and values of the school.


GMAT- The Gateway to Your Dream B-Schools

Many people dream of going abroad for business and management studies. For them, preparing for the Graduate Management Admission Test is utmost important. The GMAT score is accepted by more than 6000 business schools worldwide for their admission process. It is an online computer-based examination having a maximum score of 800. It is important to know that only getting a decent GMAT score does not guarantee the admission of the candidate at any business school. However, it is one of the most important parameters considered by these institutions to evaluate the candidates based on the standard of the institution. Hence, go to get a high score in a single attempt, candidates need to prepare well. Institutes for the GMAT test preparation Gurgaon can help the candidates to understand how to improve themselves to crack GMAT.

To get admission at a renowned business school, scoring good marks in only one or two sections of GMAT is not enough. Hence, GMAT preparation courses in Gurgaon provides a complete guide for the candidates seeking guidance to score high on each of the sections mentioned above. There are many institutes who offer different types of online and offline courses for the preparation of GMAT such as:

  • Classroom training where several students are mentored together for GMAT. Here the candidates can interact with the faculty face to face and clear their doubts instantly.
  • Live classes where several doubt clearing sessions are arranged for the candidates.
  • Online training where the candidates are provided guidance by the study materials and doubt clearing sessions online.
  • Private tutoring which is ideal for the candidates seeking customized guidance.

Candidates can choose any type of course according to their convenience and start preparing for GMAT.

It is extremely important to know about the GMAT question pattern to score high. GMAT exam consists of four sections, which are as follows:

  • Analytical writing assessment section which contains 1 topic for the candidates to analyze the argument. A duration of 30 mins is given for this section. The grading for this section is done from 0 to 6 with 0.5 increments.
  • Integrated reasoning section which has 12 questions based on multi-source reasoning, two-part analysis, graphical interpretation, and table analysis. A duration of 30 mins is given for this section. The grading for this section is done on a scale of 1 to 8 with an increment of 1 point. The range of the score for this section is 0 to 60 which is known as a scaled score. A score around 51 or 98 percentiles in this section is considered as a good performance.
  • The quantitative section which has a total of 31 questions based on problem-solving and data sufficiency. A duration of 62 mins is provided for this section. The range of the score for this section is 0 to 60 which is known as a scaled score. A score of above 45 or 99 percentiles in this section is considered as a good performance.
  • The verbal section which has 36 questions based on critical reasoning, reading comprehension, and sentence correction. A duration of 65 mins is given for this section. The grading for this section is done from 200 to 800 with 10 points increments.

Some Elements to Look into When Choosing a Wireless Presentation System for Schools

The students’ attentiveness and performance in the classroom is influenced by a multi-device integration that enhances interaction. Technology which brought wireless presentation solutions most recently has changed entirely how information is shared, presented, and discussed. There is no need for multiple wires, cords, and other hardware for this.

There are certain elements that have to be looked into when choosing wireless presentation solutions for schools. First off, the school must be able to provide sufficient rooms and screens for the entire school population. The solution must be able to enhance student engagement, participation, and collaboration. It must also provide improved latency and video streaming. The solution has to be user-friendly with a more intuitive interface which allows teachers to adopt it without problems. Its functionality must be handled by the teachers and not the IT department. It must also have the privacy limits which access control and restricted modes of use. The solution must also be sturdy enough to be used daily in the classroom.

A wireless presentation solution for schools must not possess business or profit-oriented solutions and features that tend to simply slow down the system performance. It must not require intensive and extensive professional skills development and training before it can be handled by teachers.

Price is a crucial factor to consider. The school must be able to afford it for it to be rolled out to the entire campus. This will ensure that both teachers and students have access to the wireless solutions. This will also eliminate the need for teachers to adapt their lesson plans for the various technologies used in the different classrooms. There are educational tools that require a huge upfront investment. It may be attractive but often this means having limited or conditional technical support. The ideal option is to have an upfront investment and additional fees for optional add-ons like having access to a centrally-controlled portal. Another attractive option is the annual subscription. Often this payment scheme fits the school budget since it only has an ongoing expenditure for the software subscription.

It is also crucial to determine the people who will use the wireless presentation system. For instance, it has to be determined if it is solely for internal use only or if there are required apps or skills to be able to access it. It must also be aligned with the technical skills of its targeted users.

One other element to look into is the type of display the user has to show whether it is a spreadsheet or a slideshow. It might also be a video with background music. It is also significant to look into the bandwidth which is needed for the network infrastructure.

The school must also see to it that the wireless presentation solution is interactive. Different companies have various definitions for interactivity. It’s a must for you to determine what it means for the specific provider you choose. This may mean remote control of the mouse, moving content found on the display, touch screen connections, or to mark up an image file.


100% Match-Rated International Medical School

In terms of choosing a medical school, the options, and process which can be overwhelming. It can be noted that getting into medical school can also be time-consuming and a lot of people may not complete the whole process. There are those who cannot or do not want to wait for spots in their respective country’s foreign medical schools, which is why they go abroad for medical education.

However, not all or not that much international medical schools have a hundred percent success rate on “the Match.” This refers to the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). Good news is that at the Medical School for International Health (MSIH), all the class 2018 applicants of here successfully matched and they are lucky to take up residency in prestigious medical school programs in the U.S.

MSIH director Dr. Mark Clarfield considers this an inspiring and outstanding achievement. It is happening in the week when the school celebrates its 20th anniversary in New York.

It was not until March 12 this year when the students received email from NRMP indicating that they had been placed. A further email from the NRMP disclosed the location of their respective placement.

As noted, the NRMP program allows students in the U.S. and the international medical schools to rank their preferred residency placements. The students are asked to rank their top choices among candidates. Those students with no placements attend an additional program so they can apply for the remaining vacant positions. This happens only once the placements are already determined. Administrative Director Leaura Navi of MSIH points out that such system permits students (those who have not matched) to apply for the vacant positions as soon as possible. Navi observes the increase in the number of students who joined the Supplementary Offer and Acceptance Program or SOAP for this year unlike in the past few years.

The 2018 graduating class will join the 550 MSIH alumni who are currently working as physicians anywhere in the world. The graduates will receive their medical degree diplomas in May. Below is the list of their residency placements:

Billings Clinic-Montana

Carilion Clinic-Virginia Technology Carilion

Case Western/University Hospital Cleveland Med Center – Ohio

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center-California

Ellis Hospital-New York

Harrison Med Center-Washington

Hennepin Co Medical Center-Minnesota

Hofstra Northwell SOM-Lenox Hill Hospital-New York

Howard Univ Hospital-DC

Jersey Shore University Medical Center-New Jersey

Kent Hospital-Rhode Island

Maimonides Med Center-New York

NYU School of Medicine

Oregon Health & Science University

Providence Park Hospital-Michigan

Rochester Regional Health/Unity Hospital-New York

St Francis Hospital-Connecticut

St Francis Hospital-Delaware

SUNY HSC Brooklyn-New York

U Connecticut School of Medicine

U Kansas SOM-Wichita

U Maryland Med Center

U Texas HSC-San Antonio

Univ of Chicago Medical Center-Illinois

University of Virginia

Valley Med Center-Washington

Vidant Medical Center/East Carolina University-North Carolina

Virginia Commonwealth U Health System

Virginia Mason Med Center-Washington

MSIH is notable for its aim to educate future physicians for global health and to strive for excellence. The 2018 graduating class demonstrates the highest global health principle and excellence commitment.


Variety of girls school uniform on the online shops

Many schools are emerged in the society in these days and they all have their different uniform. Sometime it become difficult to find the perfect uniform for the school you want. The school wants that all their students have the same uniform so that they will look equal and no comparison can made between them. For this they will made contact with the shop where the students can get the same stuff for their uniform.

With the growth of the online stores they also provide the uniforms of different schools.Many people buy from the online market as different facilities are provided by them for the comfort of the customers. These online stores are highly required in these days because they provide the services to the every sector of the society equally and help the schools to provide the same quality of uniform to their students. Some of the services provided by the online stores are as follows:

  • Easy to get

By getting the uniform from the online market it will be easy for the people to get the uniform easily. They can access to the website at the time when they want and can purchase the uniform which they want.

  • Save money

Having a uniform is best option to secure money nut buying it online make it more convenient. Many online stores provide different discount rate to the people on buying the product from them.

  • Same quality

You can get the same quality stuff which is required by the school. As they provide the same stuff to all the people and have a contact with the school who give them the right instruction about the best product.

  • Variety in product

The online stores offer uniform for different schools and allow the people to get variety of girls school uniform which include skirts, and pants in several sizes according to the choice of the customer.