Why An International School In Hong Kong Best For The Students?


If you are willing to get admission of your child to the well-known school in the world then Harrow international school is the best one. The school is offering boarding facilities to the children coming from other countries so they get a home-like environment and get studies in the high-level school. There are many reasons o join this school.


Harrow international school Honk Kong offers quality education to primary and middle-level students. Leadership is the main quality of the school. In modern history, Winston Churchill, King Hussein, and Nehru had learned from the school and set an example for the generations. The school is offering the leadership phenomenon to students to use their talents and skill to make life. Moreover, school is teaching students in a way so the pupil achieves their career goals.

  • The school teaches the following leadership aspects to pupil
  • Contribution in a positive way to the community
  • Use of knowledge with compassion
  • To resolve the matter with collaboration as well as using creative skills
  • Making positive and fair choices
  • Be determined and face challenges with courage.

The basic aim of the school is to get input from the parents, students, and teachers to fulfill the vision statement plus, to meet the expectations to achieve goals.

Another basic purpose of the Harrow School is to provide the framework to have better collaboration. In this way, students and teachers interact and they create a better environment for studies.

Other Reasons To Join Harrow International School

Parents love the school because of other reasons as well

Involvement Of Parents

The school gives honor to the parents and appreciates their involvement with the teachers and contribution in the studies matter. School keeps the engagement of the parents in the following way.

Creation Of Parent Consultation Groups

The main purpose of creating the parent-teacher group is to promote the community sense. Moreover, its objective is that parents share their ideas and views in their children’s classroom. The group meets each term to provide a link between the parents and lower school. Moreover, it provides the forum and discusses procedures, issues, and policies that are associated with the school’s operation at a particular term or phase.

Parent-Teacher Groups For House

In the relevant year, the school makes one parent a representative of each group. The main role is the promotion of a sense of community among the parents. Moreover,

Parents also represent the parent’s point of view and discuss the issues. The groups meet in each term and discuss different procedures and issues in the schools. They have to do a meeting for policies in the zone of House structure.

Governor And Parent Group

Another good aspect of the school’s policy is the parent governer group creation. The group meets each term to discuss the strategies and plans related to school. Moreover, they discuss the direction of the school. The group is created by one representative from the Senior house Parent group, one from the prep group parent group, and one from the ower school. All parents collaborate with governors and discuss matters related to the school policy.

Parent groups in other departments

The food committee and transport also create a parent group to discuss about the improvement and changes in the particular department. The school is operated by the non-profit company to regulate these departments and hold the charge of the transport as well as the food department.

The Asis international school company oversees the departments and provides assistance as well as technical advice. The main aim is to support the management of the school and to support the different departments.

Pastoral care

Pastoral care is another wonderful expect of the school. It is offered by the school to ensure the success of the students, school emphasis the quality of education and building a relationship. To meet a social vision statement

The harrow school is offering a high standard of education that reflect the value of the tradition and values of the school.

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