Difference between TEFL, TESOL AND CELTA In English Teaching?


Are you thinking to travel to a new country to start a new career of English teaching or you want to take your teaching career in a new dimension in a foreign country, then I think you know that you have to carry some of the documents and you should be having certain qualifications that are required for the English teaching. When you are travelling to a new nation for teaching English, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind. A teacher who is going to teach pupil who are non-native English speakers, then he or she should pursue TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certificate. Though, all these seem to be similar, but they all are technically different from the point of view of the teacher.

In the case of TEFL, it stands for Teaching English as foreign Language. The teachers who are going to teach at a non-native English speaking country mainly require it. Most of the teachers who have the background to teach at places like Austria or Vienna, have the ability to acquire this certificate to teach to the non-native speakers. There are various teaching programs like the TEFL certification in Vienna or the TEFL in Austria, through which the teacher get the opportunity to teach at a foreign country.

“The TEFL Certification is required as the schools and the organisations that hire teachers having the proper type of training in English teaching. The teacher does not require having a proper degree of education, a teaching experience or a college degree to get international jobs.”

This TEFL course is very important when a teacher is looking for international teaching options. This course can be taken online for from any organizations. There are various organizations worldwide that provide these courses, mainly at Austria and at Vienna.

Apart from TEFL; TESOL and CELTA are also important for those who are looking for English teaching jobs in outside their own country. The certification of TESOL stands for the Teachers English for speakers of other languages. Trinity College in London provides this certificate to the teachers who are willing to go to other countries and teach English.

The Trinity CertTESOL is designed for those teachers who are having less experience in teaching English. This certificate provides the basic information and knowledge regarding teaching English. This program also helps the teachers to get the introduction of the theory and the insight of all sorts of challenges without the formal training and the certification.

CELTA is another degree that is required for every teacher who is willing to teach in the foreign country. Employers across the globe ask whether the candidate is having the CELTA certificate or not. It is the practical English teaching certificate that gives the teacher the right knowledge and confidence as a teacher. The teacher can learn English Cambridge online and avail this course.

The teacher get this course from the Cambridge University and examination at Cambridge can pass in that examination can help the candidate to acquire this certificate.

The candidate can teach and travel to Austria and with a non-profit organisation while earning subsidised TEFL qualifications and helping children to learn English in the right manner.

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