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Difference between TEFL, TESOL AND CELTA In English Teaching?

Are you thinking to travel to a new country to start a new career of English teaching or you want to take your teaching career in a new dimension in a foreign country, then I think you know that you have to carry some of the documents and you should be having certain qualifications that are required for the English teaching. When you are travelling to a new nation for teaching English, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind. A teacher who is going to teach pupil who are non-native English speakers, then he or she should pursue TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certificate. Though, all these seem to be similar, but they all are technically different from the point of view of the teacher.

In the case of TEFL, it stands for Teaching English as foreign Language. The teachers who are going to teach at a non-native English speaking country mainly require it. Most of the teachers who have the background to teach at places like Austria or Vienna, have the ability to acquire this certificate to teach to the non-native speakers. There are various teaching programs like the TEFL certification in Vienna or the TEFL in Austria, through which the teacher get the opportunity to teach at a foreign country.

“The TEFL Certification is required as the schools and the organisations that hire teachers having the proper type of training in English teaching. The teacher does not require having a proper degree of education, a teaching experience or a college degree to get international jobs.”

This TEFL course is very important when a teacher is looking for international teaching options. This course can be taken online for from any organizations. There are various organizations worldwide that provide these courses, mainly at Austria and at Vienna.

Apart from TEFL; TESOL and CELTA are also important for those who are looking for English teaching jobs in outside their own country. The certification of TESOL stands for the Teachers English for speakers of other languages. Trinity College in London provides this certificate to the teachers who are willing to go to other countries and teach English.

The Trinity CertTESOL is designed for those teachers who are having less experience in teaching English. This certificate provides the basic information and knowledge regarding teaching English. This program also helps the teachers to get the introduction of the theory and the insight of all sorts of challenges without the formal training and the certification.

CELTA is another degree that is required for every teacher who is willing to teach in the foreign country. Employers across the globe ask whether the candidate is having the CELTA certificate or not. It is the practical English teaching certificate that gives the teacher the right knowledge and confidence as a teacher. The teacher can learn English Cambridge online and avail this course.

The teacher get this course from the Cambridge University and examination at Cambridge can pass in that examination can help the candidate to acquire this certificate.

The candidate can teach and travel to Austria and with a non-profit organisation while earning subsidised TEFL qualifications and helping children to learn English in the right manner.


Why An International School In Hong Kong Best For The Students?

If you are willing to get admission of your child to the well-known school in the world then Harrow international school is the best one. The school is offering boarding facilities to the children coming from other countries so they get a home-like environment and get studies in the high-level school. There are many reasons o join this school.


Harrow international school Honk Kong offers quality education to primary and middle-level students. Leadership is the main quality of the school. In modern history, Winston Churchill, King Hussein, and Nehru had learned from the school and set an example for the generations. The school is offering the leadership phenomenon to students to use their talents and skill to make life. Moreover, school is teaching students in a way so the pupil achieves their career goals.

  • The school teaches the following leadership aspects to pupil
  • Contribution in a positive way to the community
  • Use of knowledge with compassion
  • To resolve the matter with collaboration as well as using creative skills
  • Making positive and fair choices
  • Be determined and face challenges with courage.

The basic aim of the school is to get input from the parents, students, and teachers to fulfill the vision statement plus, to meet the expectations to achieve goals.

Another basic purpose of the Harrow School is to provide the framework to have better collaboration. In this way, students and teachers interact and they create a better environment for studies.

Other Reasons To Join Harrow International School

Parents love the school because of other reasons as well

Involvement Of Parents

The school gives honor to the parents and appreciates their involvement with the teachers and contribution in the studies matter. School keeps the engagement of the parents in the following way.

Creation Of Parent Consultation Groups

The main purpose of creating the parent-teacher group is to promote the community sense. Moreover, its objective is that parents share their ideas and views in their children’s classroom. The group meets each term to provide a link between the parents and lower school. Moreover, it provides the forum and discusses procedures, issues, and policies that are associated with the school’s operation at a particular term or phase.

Parent-Teacher Groups For House

In the relevant year, the school makes one parent a representative of each group. The main role is the promotion of a sense of community among the parents. Moreover,

Parents also represent the parent’s point of view and discuss the issues. The groups meet in each term and discuss different procedures and issues in the schools. They have to do a meeting for policies in the zone of House structure.

Governor And Parent Group

Another good aspect of the school’s policy is the parent governer group creation. The group meets each term to discuss the strategies and plans related to school. Moreover, they discuss the direction of the school. The group is created by one representative from the Senior house Parent group, one from the prep group parent group, and one from the ower school. All parents collaborate with governors and discuss matters related to the school policy.

Parent groups in other departments

The food committee and transport also create a parent group to discuss about the improvement and changes in the particular department. The school is operated by the non-profit company to regulate these departments and hold the charge of the transport as well as the food department.

The Asis international school company oversees the departments and provides assistance as well as technical advice. The main aim is to support the management of the school and to support the different departments.

Pastoral care

Pastoral care is another wonderful expect of the school. It is offered by the school to ensure the success of the students, school emphasis the quality of education and building a relationship. To meet a social vision statement

The harrow school is offering a high standard of education that reflect the value of the tradition and values of the school.


Budget-Friendly Tips for Fashionable Students

Our growing years are the best time of our lives, but as we grow, we become more conscious of our looks. Most of them strive hard to cope with the current fashion trend. At a young age, students want to be remembered, and one thing that could make their younger years memorable and fulfilling is through building social circles through fashion.

Although looks are naturally fascinating, we all need to strive to look more appealing. However, to look more fabulous and cool, we have to buy clothes and accessories on-trend.

We know how financially draining university is that you will always think twice before purchasing the clothes you want. So, we prepared budget-friendly tips for fashionable students.

Read about the Latest Fashion Trend

As a teenager and a young adult, you are immersed in the blogs of fashion bloggers. They might have influenced you in some way. You could copy their fashion style, but it would be best to define your fashion style.

Fashion is not only visible on the people you follow on social media. You can see fashion in the magazine and journals. Check and read the latest trends in the market to best gauge your style. It is better to know from the experts about fashion as they can help you stay trendy in the long term.

You can choose minimalistic clothing for yourself. Dressed in simple is more cool and classy than those who are too adorned with accessories. Also, do not be too frugal and spend on cheap clothes. Even you are in a budget. It is best to buy quality stuff that could last for years.

Own Your Fashion

There is nothing impossible with looking cool and fabulous. There are several ways you could do to improve the way you bring yourself. However, in doing so, you have to own your fashion style.

Most students are hooked with major fashion brands and accessories, as though they compete with fashion brand ambassadors. But, in truth, you could meet all the fashion standards without breaking the bank. You need to understand that buying expensive clothes and luxurious accessories is not the key to look cool and fabulous.

Create a Fashion Budget

Students are expected to have good financial skills, so why not create a fashion budget? Although you are saving and allocating budget to your needs, you can set aside a fraction of your pocket money or fashion.

The money is yours, so you have the call on how much you will allocate for fashion. Also, when buying always goes for its quality, do not buy it because it is cheap– it might cost you more in the long run.

Choose Unbranded Clothes and Accessories

You have to understand that wearing branded clothing is not the only way to look fabulous. Although these brands set the fashion trend, you do not need to have their stuff. You can look around for some alternatives that have the same style of the high-class fashionwear you like.

You can always dress well on a tight budget. Be smart and wise. You can put in together cheap clothes beautifully than those who run after brands and high-priced items. Get creative with combinations to add flair or change to your outfits. Combing belts, scarves, and jewelry

Sell or Swap Trendy Clothes with Friends

Before deciding to give your unwanted clothes to goodwill or throw them away, ask some of your fashionable friends to be interested in your clothes. You can swap them with some of their unwanted clothes too.

When you are swapping clothes, you are helping each other freshen up the wardrobe. It gives you more choices to mix and match. If your friend is not interested in swapping, you can sell the clothes for a lower price; in that way, you can buy another creative addition to your wardrobe.

Look for Online Discounts

Students do not have any difficulty searching online. Most trendy fashionwear offers discounted prices on their online stores. Thus, it is an advantage for them to look for discounts on online shops. They can stumble on clothes and accessories online that are quite affordable. Also, some fashion retail offers loyalty cards or e-coupons.

If you are busy and do not have the time to search for items on sale, you can subscribe to your favorite online shop newsletters. You will receive discounted deals directly in your email.

Visit Thrift Stores

Have you ever thought of visiting a thrift store? You can have incredible fashion items in thrift stores in your local neighborhood. Rummaging through a thrift rack may be a hassle for you, but the great finds you will get are entirely worth it. Visit the store often and take time to search through the racks. If the odds are in your favor, then you might get vintage and luxurious clothes.

Care Properly Clothes and Accessories

Whether your clothes are expensive, from retail, or the thrift store, you have to care for them properly. Since you are on a budget and fashion is essential for you, you need to learn how to properly laundry your clothes.

But, as a student, you may not have the luxury of time to wash your clothes. It would be best to check near laundry services around your neighborhood. Laundry shop staff are an expert in laundry and clothing care. You can even request dry cleaning on your thrift clothes. It is essential to have thrift clothes dry cleaned to ensure that it is hygienically cleaned.

Being fashionable is not based on the price tag or brand of the clothes you are wearing. It is how you present yourself and how you mix and match your clothes to make it look unique. As a fashionable student, you can follow the fashion trend or become the trendsetter.

Stay fashionable and look incredibly cool without breaking the bank, and always take good care of your clothes to make them look new and last long.

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Training to Become a Better Project Manager

Project management is a significant skill that every professional should have. Every position requires you to know how to properly manage your time, your tasks, and your resources at hand. Otherwise, you will not be great when organizing what you currently are tasked to do. Since most managerial positions should know about project management, it’s better that you already have the right training so you can quickly put your skills to the test when the time comes.

Project management training courses are the first step in learning how to become an effective and skilled worker. You will learn the basics, what you should do and not do when you’re already in the field. As time passes by, you will quickly adapt to your work, knowing that you have the knowledge and resources to become a part of the team.

The Main Benefits of Becoming a Professional Project Manager

Becoming a project manager can be a bit daunting at first, knowing that you are in charge of many tasks and projects. But it’s a step that you should take to learn the basics of becoming an effective leader. If you want to become a project manager, you need to know why proper training is important. You will also learn how to use these skills once you become a full-fledged manager.

  1. Accomplish your main goals faster – Once you already know the resources that you can utilize to accomplish a specific goal, you will be able to do it right away. It will help you not just in your workplace, but in your personal life as well.
  2. Become more career-oriented – You are trained to become better when it comes to your organizational and leadership skills. This makes your skills in-demand.
  3. Far better quality of work – You will notice how project management training can help you in your daily tasks. It will be much easier for you to put your ideas into reality, with a better outcome.
  4. Know the importance of time – Meeting deadlines is a crucial factor when it comes to managing. You will slowly meet your deadlines one by one until you get the habit of finishing your tasks ahead of time.

How Training Positively Affects Trainees

If you want to become an effective project manager, PM training will help you live your life to the fullest. It will slowly come to you naturally since forcing these will put a strain on your performance. Once you adapt the knowledge and skills you learned, becoming a project manager will be the most straightforward job. That’s why training courses are important to let you embrace these skills without hesitation.

Aside from learning new skills, you will also develop the skills that you currently have. In other words, you get a personal upgrade to your set of skills that becomes more useful in the workplace. You will slowly become an active member of your organization, plus you get the benefits of becoming a successful mentor.

Online Education

Improving Analytical Reasoning And More In Your Kids Through Game Based Learning

Parents are always in the lookout to make studies quite simple and fun filled for their kids. With the lockdown and its high end affects, students are stuck at home, away from their schools and friends. Therefore, they are way more bored than usual and won’t even feel like attending the online classes. After getting such involvement from students, the educational sector has thought of adding game based learning into the field. Right from the start, this concept was taken fairly well with increased numbers of students showing up for the classes. Now, they are more than interested to learn about new things, without feeling bored at all.

Improving the final educational goal:

You must be wondering what exactly this game based learning is. It is basically the proper use of gaming with some of the educational goals in the end. These steps will actually help to support your child’s growth and learning. It is one way to improve your little one’s analytical thinking. Some of the games like Sudoku will help in promoting analytical thinking about children and right from a tender age. Now you get to incorporate that under learning faculties and get desired results in the end.

A perfect way to scoop up logical reasoning:

There are so many puzzles that you get to see in math online classes. These puzzles are perfectly crafted for promoting logical reasoning among little ones, just like the parents might have asked for it. Even some online scrabble games will help the little kids to learn more about spellings and words. Then you have the Lego Tower App. It is a perfect way to help kids learn more about collaboration and proper teamwork. So, make sure to learn more about these apps and game based learning, before you plan to enroll your kids for some now.