5 Ways to Improve Your English Speaking


English can be a scary language to start learning. It’s one of the more complex schools of language out there, with a lot of variations, rules and complicated aspects to it. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to make it hard to learn. Communicate School English courses can be an ideal place to start. Here’s how.

Conversational Courses

            One of the biggest benchmarks of success, where you’ll feel like you’re really starting to get it with any language, is when you can start having full conversations with natives. Being able to chat with native English speakers is pretty crucial if you want to learn English, and can be one of the biggest components when it comes to moving towards fluency.

Essentially, you get the fun and enjoyment of chatting with someone new, while trying out your new language skills, while essentially practicing and steadily improving yourself. Especially if the other person is willing to help you out a bit. Plus there are some great conversation-orientated English courses out there.

Learn to Teach

            If you’re already at a fluent level of speaking, and you want to get even better, then teaching might be for you. Go on an English teaching course, and learn some of the more finicky bits of the language, and then impart your knowledge to people who need it. Teaching can be one of the best ways of really learning about something too!

Fit it in With Your Schedule

            Okay, we get it, you’re super busy, and just don’t have time for long, daytime courses that take up big chunks of your time. Not to worry! There’s also plenty of part-time and night courses out there, allowing you to pick up your new language around work or looking after the children. That should make learning much easier!


            One-to-one is easily the best way to learn anything, learning at your own pace, and getting constant constructive, attentive feedback will help you quickly and efficiently hone your skill at virtually anything, especially language. Language all comes down to practice, and avoiding building bad habits. Once you’ve learnt the core basics, having one-to-one English tuition can help you reach that point of fluency that everyone wants to be at.

Accent Reduction

            Finally, when it comes to truly feeling like you’ve mastered English, there’s being in control of and losing your accent. No-one wants to lose their accent completely, but being able to control it, and make yourself clearly heard is key to properly learning English.

Fortunately, it’s not as hard as you might think. Once all the other pieces are in place, accent reduction is just a case of careful and deliberate practice, and feedback. You’ll be sounding like a native in no time at all.

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