Huntington Learning Center: Your Aid to An Efficient Academic Career


Have you been struggling with your academics or just want to further your studies outside the classroom? If so, getting a tutoring service from Huntington Learning Center would be imperative then. We actually have our own approach to an effective learning.
A Bit of Huntington Learning Center
The founding teachers of the learning center have been teaching fore more than 40 years. This gives us the solid foundation in the field of education as proven by our teaching methods. We put emphasis on an individualized evaluation and suggest for tutoring program tailored to individual needs. This approach works very well for all our students. Our primary objective here is to prepare them for the next grade level.
We are offering students with report card help and homework help. The SAT/ACT exam preparation aims to prepare students for college. This approach purports to instill them with the core educational values, study skills, self-confidence, and motivation improvement. We make certain to provide you with nothing less than the high standard of education with our certified teachers.
The Huntington Services
We offer a great number of services to meet the needs of every student enrolled in our center. Some of them are as follows:
1. Core subject tutoring in the subject matter of English, Math, and Writing.
2. Report card help and Homework Help.
3. Collaboration with schools and teachers for the improvement of the grade point average.
4. SAT/ACT Exam Preparation for the study skills improvement.
5. Any tutoring service for the fields of Chemistry, Geography, History, Physics, and any other school subject for grades 1-12.
The Grade Levels at Huntington
We are keen to the intellectual and mental growth of our students with our right tutoring. Our tutoring services are available in three categories:
Elementary Level
This educational level includes the improvement of the dictionary skills, referencing, time management, organization, and the outlining skills of the students. Our study skills for the elementary students aim to establish lifetime good study habits.
Middle Level
Tutoring requirements are increased in this category to areas like organization, time management, note-taking, outlining, referencing skills, test-taking strategies, communication, and study strategies. Our study skills for the middle school students aim to develop better study habits with our strategic tutoring approach.
High School Level
This category is designed for the high school students. Students here are tutored in organizational skills, note-taking, time management, referencing, outlining, test-taking strategies, organizational skills, executive functioning, and study strategies. Our study skills for the high school students aim to master the skills with the aid of tutoring.
We, at Huntington Learning Center, believe about the certain impact of good tutoring on the knowledge of individuals in all areas of life. For us, tutoring is more than just overcoming the academic obstacles or passing the exams. We know the needs of the children in their academic career that’s why we are committed to help them manage their time. Preparing them to establish a strong study habit to boost their learning is of prime significance for us. This leads us to build learning centers in nearly all the U.S. states to bring tutoring closer to everyone.
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