Schoolies: Its Significance and Why You Should Participate in It


Finishing high school is no easy feat, which is why school graduation is a big deal for the majority of adolescents in Australia. School leavers tend to celebrate graduation by participating in a weeklong event, also known as “Schoolies.”

With November and December right around the corner, and school coming to a close, schoolies 2020 is drawing near. This article will explore the advantages of Schoolies, and give you reasons why you should participate in it.

What is Schoolies?

According to an article by SBS Radio, Schoolies refers to the tradition of Australian high-school graduates having week-long holidays after their final exams in high-school. Schoolies typically happen by late November and early December after school has closed. The most famous locations for Schoolies include Queensland’s Gold Coast, specifically Surfers Paradise.

Schoolies involve several activities, such as parties, sports, volunteer work, and exceptional adventures, to name a few. Schoolies is considered as a cultural rite of passage among Australians as it symbolises the transitional period of youth to early adulthood.

Schoolies Offer a Form of Stress Relief and Relaxation

Getting through high school is difficult, as it is full of ups and downs. Homework, quizzes, exams, and school projects seem endless that it has caused immense stress throughout the years. Which is why graduating from high school is a great achievement, and you should do something to celebrate the end of your schooling.

Engaging in Schoolies provides you with an avenue to enjoy and celebrate high school graduation. Treat yourself with a weeklong celebration this schoolies 2020 that will help relieve stress and give you time to relax. It is because you earned it from surviving the difficult years in high school.

Build Special Memories with Your High School Friends

After graduating from high school, most students go their separate ways as they develop different interests. This means you and your high school friends may never be together or spend time making memories in the future. Fortunately, Schoolies provide a solution to this predicament.

Participating in Schoolies with your friends is a great way to celebrate your achievements in high school before you part ways. Schoolies week is your last chance to create special and amazing memories with your friends that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Enjoy Life Before Going to College or University

If you thought high school was tough, then you will be surprised at how college or university life will be. This is because being young adulthood, and attending higher education means your carefree days are coming to an end. Being in college means you will need to take life more seriously as “adulting” is drawing near.

Schoolies are significant because it gives you a chance to enjoy your worry-free life and spend a few days of your youth experiencing amazing things. Schoolies is your last chance to enjoy life before you study for a degree or get a job.


If you want to engage in unbelievable life experiences, whether that is partying hard, going on an adventure, or changing your life for the better, Schoolies is something that you should not miss out on. Check out a reputable Schoolies organiser today, and don’t wait any longer, because exploration awaits!

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