Questions to Ask About the Top Girls Scholarships


Australia has always believed in gender equality and provides equal opportunities to women regarding education or career options. It is imperative girls receive proper education to progress as a society. A well-educated girl is not just an asset to her family, but the community at large. Not only will she have the resources to make a life for herself, but she will contribute significantly when it comes to educating the future generation.

Girl scholarships in Australia are given out each year to students who have difficulty continuing with their formal education because of poor financial conditions. If you want to apply for such a scholarship in Australia, here are some of the questions you should ask.

What Will The Scholarship Money Cover?

Some scholarships cover the fee for formal education only, like college tuition, books, and library fees. However, some scholarships are more comprehensive and also cover additional costs, like living expenses.

If you have to move to another city and avail hostel facilities, ask if the scholarship amount will cover those aspects. Inquire about any restrictions that might be in place about how you can use the money.

Is The Scholarship Renewable? 

Some scholarships are awarded one time, and once you get access to the funds, the funding is closed. However, some scholarships can be renewed, but that depends largely on the student’s performance and progress in the previous year.

Some scholarships are also granted per semester so that the students have more uniform access to the funds. Ask how your scholarship amount will be disbursed. If you do not qualify for the scholarship on the first try, ask if you could apply again.

What Are The Academic Qualifications For A Scholarship?

You should be very particular about this question as scholarship programs vary. Girls scholarship programs make exceptions, especially for girls who deal with challenging socio-economic conditions at home.

However, have a clear idea about the grades and score you need in your previous examinations to qualify for the scholarship. Ask about GPAs, credit hours, and specific requirements like voluntary work or community service. Some scholarships can be applied for only after you have completed Grade 8.

For Which Subjects Are The Scholarships Available?

Some universities and foundations in Australia will provide scholarships to students for any subject they choose to pursue. Some cater specifically to subjects related to the Arts, Sciences, or some vocational training courses.

If you have chosen a more eclectic course of study, you could inquire which department your subject will fall under and inquire about the scholarship opportunities in that department. Also, ask if you can apply even if you are not an Australian native.

The purpose of girls’ scholarships in Australia is to relieve families of some of the pressures of paying for college. This is one of the principal reasons why young girls drop out of high school and college. It was seen in a recent survey that about one out of every four students in Australia drop out due to financial difficulties, and about 72% of them are girls.

Girl scholarship programs from reputable institutes are a great support system for girls who want to move ahead and achieve success in life.

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