Online Teaching for Statistics help

The internet is now being an along the same collections of our daily lifestyles. With all knowledge and online making fast improvement even tutoring is now online and that has not all there are most companies that are now making themselves available. All in all, one can say that this area has acquired important reputation in a very short time.

There are now most companies that are earning themselves available to students. They adjust to certain guidelines while utilizing deciding on teachers. The companies must make sure that teachers they have applied are properly qualified and keep an outstanding expertise in the subject that they are educating. Being a teaching strategies webinars is easy but only after one goes the various battery power of tests that have been set down by the creditors to check for the expert, academic and actions specifications for the teachers.

Benefits of being an online tutor are that one can operate from the ability to their houses and right at that time practical for them. The other benefits aree  that one can participate in tutoring for statistics help on the internet without having to bargain on their long-lasting assignments. This will help them add up a little to their income. It is also a great job for all those who like to educate.

The various companies that seek the services of teachers work 24 / 7 and hence the timings are versatile and learners can take classes according to his own willing. Most often the company made the decision which learners will be tutored by whom. The invoices are compensated as per the duties. Freshers in tutoring will be compensated more compact but as one benefits experience the money will increase gradually. Most of the online teachers register with onlinetutor directories to find out work. While some other independent teachers have set up their own sites for the same.

The market for tutoring is huge and one should know how best to implement possibilities and make earnings. With a lot of companies now coming up one will find an internet-basedtutoring job quickly. The real assignment here is that one must confirm their efficiency and abilities with their subject before they can be applied. This job also needs large amount of patience and dedication and at some point, connections also works a big part. So, built with all this one can make a go to onlinetutoring and make some reasonable money for themselves.


Placements at Bennett University – An Overview

Founded in 2016, Bennett University‘s engineering programme has been awarded as the 2nd best B.Tech programme in India by Times Engineering Ranking 2020, whereas the BBA program is ranked 3rd across the country. Backed by the Times Group, Bennett University focuses extensively on hands-on learning, industry interface, and international collaborations with leading institutions globally.

To top that, many Bennett University courses have impeccable placement records across both technical and non-technical disciplines, making it a great choice for students.

In this article, we’ll be analysing the placement process, salary trends, and top companies hiring at Bennett University in detail. Read on to know more.

Placement Process

The placement team works closely with top organizations and conducts regular sessions, internships and recruitment drives for multiple Bennett University courses such as B.Tech, B.A. LLB, MBA, and Ph.D, among others. Students can submit resumes and registration forms, which are then sent to the organization. Students are then finally selected depending on the defined placement criteria.

Placements 2020

The 2020 placements season at Bennett University produced some really outstanding results as many courses offered 90-100% placement with companies like Berger, Microsoft, KPMG, and NASSCOM, among others, recruiting students.

The highest and average salaries for different Bennett University courses such as B.Tech, MBA, BJMC, and BBA are mentioned below:

  • BJMC – Highest salary offered was INR 4.2 LPA while the average salary package offered was INR 3.5 LPA.
  • BBA – The highest salary for BBA was INR 7 LPA, with the average package being INR 4 LPA.
  • Tech – The highest salary package offered was INR 44 LPA while the average salary offered stood at INR 5.5 LPA.
  • MBA – The MBA programme at Bennett offered the highest salary at INR 7.5 LPA while the average salary was INR 6.57 LPA.

A total of 96 companies visited the campus during this period in 2020, with 71 of them hiring students from the B.Tech programme and 25 from the MBA programme.

Salary Trends

Looking at the past 2 years’ trends related to MBA placements at Bennett University, there’s enough data that suggests a slight drop from 2019 to 2020. For the MBA programme specifically, the average salary was INR 7.2 LPA in 2019 compared to INR 6.5 LPA in 2020. The highest salary package offered in 2019 was INR 8.25 LPA, which further dropped to INR 7.5 LPA in 2020.

Companies Hiring from Bennett University

Companies hiring from Bennett University are spread across sectors like IT & Software, FMCG, Industrial Engineering, Media and Entertainment, and others. The various courses at Bennett University have seen some of the best companies hire students for both full-time roles as well as summer internships.

Some popular recruiters at Bennett University placements include,

  1. Microsoft
  2. Byjus
  3. net
  4. KPMG
  5. TCS
  6. Goldman Sachs

Summer Internships at Bennett University

Apart from full-time roles, Bennett University also offers summer internships to students. In 2019, 6 B.Tech students were provided paid internships across 91 participating companies, whereas for the MBA course at Bennett University, 75% of students received internships from 33 companies. The stipend offered for both were as follows –

  • Highest stipend for B.Tech – INR 80,000 PM
  • Highest stipend for MBA – INR 20,000 PM

Domain-Wise Split: Bennett University Alumni

22% of alumni belong to the education sector, whereas business development and operations come next with 18% and 10% contribution, respectively. Surprisingly, 11% of the alumni were placed in sectors like program management, consulting, and research, among others.

That said, the placement record of Bennett University is quite impressive. In a short span, the institution has been able to create a name amongst students looking for a practically oriented learning environment and superior career growth.


What Benefits Will a Talent LMS bring to Your Company?

More and more companies are switching to learning management systems to train their staff to comply with the increasingly strict standards and regulations. A Talent LMS solution that has its eLearning materials will benefit a company by doing the following:

Keep Accurate Training Records

Compliance requirements, especially for areas such as health and safety, have significantly increased. With the COVID-19 pandemic still a threat to employee safety and health, companies need to ensure that they keep an accurate record of employees who have undergone safety training and how these employees performed. This record may be used for complying with standards set out by the International Organization for Standardization or ISO.

On-demand Training

Scheduling training with your entire staff may be challenging, especially if they are working from home or are assigned to different fields. A Talent LMS with readily available online content will ensure that your staff can access all training during their free time at any time of the day.

Content Accessibility and Mobility

Because the content is already uploaded online, your staff and employees can access the training wherever they are using whatever devices are available. This allows your employees to get training at their convenience. Likewise, your employees will also have the opportunity to go back to previous training for reinforcement of their skills.

Benefits of Learning Management Systems

Having a Learning Management System for your company will give you these benefits:

Improve Performance and Productivity

A Talent LMS will let your employees and staff access training and learning materials related specifically to their areas of expertise. Because your employees can easily access the training materials 24/7, they can be constantly guided on how to do their tasks. You can set your learning management system to have a regular training and retraining schedule to ensure that your employees are improving their knowledge about their jobs.

Saves Your Company Money

The conventional way of conducting employee training is to have all your employees in one venue and then conduct the training from there. However, this is costly since you will have to pay for the venue, food, and even accommodation for your employees. When your company has a Talent LMS, employees can access the training materials in the comforts of their own homes. This will give your company a lot of savings. Likewise, your company’s upfront cost with an LMS system is the subscription to the system and the creation of learning materials.


With an LMS, your company’s employees will get the same training level no matter which branch they are in. Therefore, it is expected that all your employees will strive to be consistent with their performance since they all received the same training.

No Missed Training

Your company’s LMS will also allow for flexibility when accessing the training. Employees will have the freedom to fit training into their busy schedules and may even allow them to access training in short chunks at a time. LMS will also allow HR managers to determine which employees have finished training sessions and which ones have not.

Keep Training Aligned to Company’s Needs

When you need your employees to learn a new practice or protocol that your company needs to implement, you can easily create your content and have your employees access this new content in your LMS. You can easily roll out new training materials using your Talent LMS.

A learning management system will do wonders in improving the skills of employees for any organization.

Career Guide

How to Promote Stress Management at Work

Companies spend vast amounts of money on absenteeism every year, and the majority of these times are caused by stress. People are more likely to make mistakes and injure themselves when they are experiencing emotional and mental strain. The costs of finding new employees to replace those who leave because of burnout and loss in productivity are substantial.

In other words, stress is costly, although it is not always noticeable. You can eliminate these obstacles by introducing your employees to programs from a registered training organization like the Australian Academy to help your employees manage stress at the workplace.

Allow your team to benefit from stress-reduction training

One of the best things you can give your team is training, resources, and tools to manage stress. This way, they can prioritize their time at work, bringing their best every day. As a leader of the company, you may need it too. Your business depends on the emotional and mental health of everyone working there.

Stress can bring about health issues like headaches, poor sleep, digestive issues, and weak immune system, when left unattended. These can have a long-term impact on those that are vital for the success of your business.

Determine Who Among Your Employees Need More Stress Management

The most challenging part of implementing a program regarding managing stress is figuring out who needs it the most among your employees. Observation of behaviour is crucial. Observe how employees behave and talk to offboarding employees.

You may find out that they are resigning because of burnout from work. The complaints you get from your employees, and any request for a leave of absence due to a health condition may be associated with stress at work.

You may use tools that you use to learn essential details from your employees. Take advantage of the reports and assessments to determine employees who need support and assistance without asking the HR department. Also, you may use a third-party stress management service to help you boost employee participation and trust.

The managers of your company are a great resource for learning how stressful various factors are for your employees. This is because they communicate with these employees more about topics you may not hear daily such as work hours, workload, salary, and other signs of stress and overwork. It also pays to have open communication with your managers and leaders so that they can talk to you about their concerns.

Introducing Stress Management to Your Employees

Changing times have pulled people, and in this case, many of your employees, in multiple directions. The demands and pressures between personal life and work have become blurry. As a result, you get stress from what is happening to people on and off the job.

When the department heads in your company become aware of the impact of stress among their teams, you can start the process of addressing the issue with stress management training. One of the things that cause a tremendous burden to people is financial stability.

Consider conducting workshops for specific employees on how to manage their finances and deal with the source of their financial stress. Pay attention to specific stressors instead of looking at it comprehensively.

When dealing with overwork issues, your employees that attend training sessions that include productivity, time management, or life-work balance can help relieve burnout. You may bring in a third party such as the Australian Academy to provide training to your employees. You need the right professionals to handle the job for you.


How Can Your Child’s Memory Grow with Early Childhood

Education Programs

The early years of a child lay a foundation for the overall development. Having a good memory makes learning enjoyable and easy. A strong memory helps a child to create experiences that can be cherished and shared.

Early childhood education programs engage children in different activities that aid in sharpening the memory.

Learning is Made Fun

A stressful environment can adversely impact memory. Parents want their kids to be perceptive, smart, and intelligent. However, exerting pressure does no good. Early childhood education programs are designed to eliminate stress and pressure. It makes learning fun and simple, thereby enabling the child to grasp and learn new things. The use of colourful and vibrant props makes the learning process further enjoyable.

Allowing a Child to Recall

Asking questions that require the kid to recall is a good exercise. A simple question like what did you eat at breakfast makes the child think and recall. In case children are unable to remember, they should be stopped from exerting any pressure. Prompters or clues may help in such a situation.

At an early education session, the teachers keep the interaction easy and ensure that the child doesn’t experience any discomfort. Recollecting and sharing information makes the memory richer.

Developing the Ability to Visualise

Trained teachers use different techniques to aid a child’s imagination. While narrating a story, they typically use voice modulation, puppets, expressions, and various props. They even ask the child to visualise the characters or a particular scene of the story. Imaginations also help to develop creativity in a kid.

Encouraging Active Reading

Reading out a story to kids enhances their ability to listen and understand patiently. Asking the child to read improves the ability to converse and supports developing the memory.

Besides letting the child read, the teacher also engages in a purposeful conversation to let the little ones express their thoughts and views on the story read. Such active strategies are essential, which are skilfully applied by early childhood educators.

Encourage to Talk and Share

An early childhood teacher encourages your child to narrate and share past experiences. Talking about a visit to the zoo or a family picnic makes a child happy as the story enables visualisation of the happy trip. Asking a few specific questions makes their memory stronger. These may be- which animals did you see at the zoo? What were the animals doing? Did you see any birds?

Playing Games

Every game is played with rules. The players must remember and follow the rules. Remembering these rules doesn’t require any efforts owing to the fun-filled environment. The child learns quickly and doesn’t need repeated reminders.

For instance, a sorting game requires a kid to put a shape in the right slot, which the kid can happily do without repeated reminders. The educator allows your child to explore and play different games. The games typically have different levels of difficulties to which a child is gradually exposed. Game rules thus act as a memory booster.

Early childhood education programs introduce your child to age-appropriate activities and puzzles. This serves as an essential technique to boost the memory of your child in an effortless way.