What is your Role as a Parent in Private Tutor Classes?


For a long time private tuition has been used to assist struggling students but the narrative is now gradually changing. It is now more competitive to get into the best colleges and universities around the world and private tutors have now become an integral part in the education system even for excellent performers. A good private tutor will not only help in advancing your child’s academics, but also boost their confidence at school and in life.

Even though much of the work will be done by an excellent private tutor, a parent’s involvement in their child’s private tuition will go a long way. Parents are important in setting the tone for the student and tutor relationship.

Other than hiring a private tutor for your child, here are other ways that you can get involved in your child’s private tutor classes:

1. Assisting in Projects Getting involved in the projects assigned to your child by the private tutor is important because it acts as moral support. You will not be required to get involved regularly, but it’s important to check in and hand a helping hand every once in a while.

2. Interactive Discussion A thorough private tutor will once in a while assign topics that require the parent’s involvement. Discuss such topics with your child in an interactive manner. Such discussions are important because they reinforce parent-student relationship that is important in building the student’s confidence.

3. Monitor Study Progress As a parent, it’s your role to track your child’s progress and monitor their performance. This way, you are able to guide the private tutor on the areas that you believe require more focus. Monitoring your child’s progress reinforces your interest in your child’s studies. Remember to always inform the tutor should problems develop.

4. Providing Feedback Your feedback on your child’s progress is just as important as the role the tutor plays in your child’s education. The more background information you provide about your child’s learning progress, the more effective the private tutor will be. Communicate with the private tutor about your child’s study habits, any feedback that you have received from teachers that may be of help in assisting your child perform better. Should you also notice a change in study habits, be sure to mention this to the private tutor. Any feedback that you provide helps the tutor to adjust to the needs of the student as much as they can.

You may have hired a private tutor because your child needs help with a particular subject or because they’re about to sit a college entrance exam or you simply want them to start revising effectively. Whatever the reason is, the truth is that a private tutor will always come through.

However, it’s important for parents to understand that they too have a role to play even when they sign up their kids for private tutor classes. Being an integral part of your child’s education will be a stepladder to their success so go on and get involved!

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