Top 3 Benefits for teaching online


Pop-On Instant Language services on demand 

PopOn is a cool new language learning app targeted at Chinese and English learners. With it’s instant response, it will connect you with native speakers of your chosen language. 

Teaching is slowly shifting to online sessions to keep up to date with the students of today. It is becoming a more practical and less time consuming alternative to traditional teaching, resulting in more and more students continuously choosing to learn online whilst taking advantage of it’s low cost and flexibility perks.

Practicing a language and taking classes online are helping students to achieve their language goals and dreams. Teachers can gain vital experience whilst teaching a wide range of students from all over the world.

With it’s functional in-app features PopOn makes it easy for teachers to provide the best services online. Using the live globe screen, students can see a wide range of teachers located all over the world. The app matches the students within seconds so that they can immediately connect with a native speaker and start their session. Students have access to topic cards and script play including travel, family and lifestyle which will help them to improve their conversational skills.

We caught up with one of our star PopOn teachers Louise from Surrey, UK who wants to share her experience and top 3 advantages for online teaching.

Louise:  ‘I came onboard as a Native speaker to assist the online students in learning English. Initially I signed up out of curiosity but after completing a few online requests I immediately became a keen user and started to enjoy the fact that I was able to be of assistance to many students from all over China. Teaching online has its challenges but there are so many great reasons as to why I would always recommend giving it a try.


  1. Convienience and Flexibility: I always tend to come online whenever I have the chance to take requests from my students. It is a great way to balance my part-time teaching with my own personal and family commitments. I can choose to accept requests where and when I want, even on the go!
  1. More interaction with students: Personally, I haven’t been teaching for many years but from my previous experience teaching a physical class I feel that I can gain much more from teaching online due to the interaction between myself and the student. As you cannot see the student you have to really try to understand and make sure that they are following you. PopOn is great because I can use the topic cards features to interact with my students in a fun and effective manner. Being constantly connected to students from all over China is a huge advantage, I can keep in touch with them via the app and schedule further sessions for the future. In the past I have also used the app to connect with Native Chinese teachers to learn some basic Mandarin, it’s great!
  1. Earn extra cash in the comfort of your own home: This is one of the great advantages of teaching online, I can manage my own schedule and earn money as I go along. I am able to provide lower prices for my students as I do not have to pay high transportation costs. It’s a win-win situation.



Louise has been assisting many students on PopOn since she started, why not sign up today and give it a try yourself. We are currently inviting a limited number of VIP users to become our Chatpals and provide English language assistance. Experience something new and make extra money anytime, anywhere. Sign up today

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