Admitopia review


Is your child going off to college?


College can be quite expensive and it is 4 years of your child’s life.  There are thousands of schools to look at which is the right one for your child? A good resource for you would be a website called Admitopia. They have a network of over +2400 college students that you can speak with over cell phone. The way the site works is simple. After you land on the website you then type in the name of a school that you are interested in. From there you would browse there network of college students who have attended or are attending that particular school now. You select a given college student on the site that you would like to speak with. From there you provide your contact information so the student can give you personalized advice about their own unique college experience. So you ask why would I want so speak with one of your students when I call an employee at the school to answer whatever questions I may have? The value that Admitopia offers is that the student who is providing you with advice is not looking to sell you anything or convenience you that this is the right school for you. This service can be of good value when you are deciding between a few different schools that your child is interested in. You can potentially end up spending thousands of dollars just visiting a single school. When you think about it airfare, hotel, renting a car etc… All of these things can really add up. With that being the case when you book a call with a student on the site you get to decide the date and time that you would like to speak with that particular student. In other words the call would be scheduled for a time that is convenient for you. The pricing is very affordable as well. For example a 15 minute call would only cost $20. A 30 minute call would cost $30. A 45 minute call would cost $40. A 60 minute call would cost $50. What’s great is that you have thousands of students that you can select from. This gives you and your child many options for which college student you would think would be the best to speak with.

Admitopia has a blog that has thousands of contributors which can be very beneficial for your child to read. There are many helpful articles on all things related to college life. This can give your child better information prior to becoming a college student. They provide a wealth of career advice in terms of which occupation to peruse and other advice on how to select a major in college.

Admitopia also enables high school students to create a profile about themselves to get noticed by college admission officers. The student would then enter information on their profile highlighting their own unique skills and talents.

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