Why Synthetic Grass Is Suitable For The Playground Of A School


Synthetic grass is going to be suitable for the school playground. This is a much better surface than asphalt or concrete.

You will be able to take a look at different forms of astroturf until you find the surface that is going to suit all of your needs.

Why is synthetic grass a good material for the playground?

The Grass Is Smooth And Safe

The children need to have completely smooth school playground surfaces to play on when they are taking a break. This means that a synthetic grass surface is going to keep the children safe.

  • Even if the children fall down when they are playing, they are not going to be hurt by this surface.

The Grass Is Going To Look Attractive

Head teachers want their schools to look attractive so that parents are going to want to send children there. The synthetic grass can be supplied in a wide variety of different colours.

  • This is going to make the playground stand out and it will make a positive impact on the parents who have come for a visit.

The Grass Is Going To Be Suitable For A Wide Range Of Sports

The grass is going to be suitable for a wide range of sports. The children may be playing soccer or Australian Rules. The grass is also going to be suitable for tennis and cricket. The sport is going to help children to develop in terms of their coordination and their ability to work as part of a team.

  • This multi-purpose nature of the synthetic grass is going to be one of its most attractive features.

The Grass Is Not Going To Need To Be Covered

Normally a playground surface can become slippery when it is wet. However, the synthetic grass is not going to retain any of the moisture, and it can be simply brushed off. This is an important factor when you are considering the overall safety of the children.

  • The grass is going to be completely dry and they will be able to play safely without any issues at all.

The Grass Is Going To Remain Intact For Many Years

When you have a new playground to install, you will want it to last for decades. This is going to happen when you buy the synthetic grass. It is not going to be affected by age and by wear and tear.

  • It is going to remain in the same condition as the day when it was first installed.


The playground at your school may need to be replaced so that the children are able to play sport properly. Synthetic grass is going to be the best material because it will always remain in top condition. This surface is completely smooth and it will minimise the risk of any injuries occurring.

The surface can be left to its own devices because it will never require constant attention from the groundskeepers.

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