Why Sending Your Child to Nursery is in Their Best Interests


Doesn’t time pass fast, eh? One minute you’re pregnant, then giving birth, having lots of fun (often tiring but a great experience!) and then it’s time for your lovely children to move on to the next stage of life at a nursery! So why is the nursery experience so important? Let’s take a look:

1 – Going to a renowned nursery will Ready Your Child for School

  • Every child benefits greatly from being with other children and will be that much more prepared and experienced when the time arrives for school to begin.
  • Children will be able to adapt much easier to surroundings for learning, have advanced social skills and feel that much more secure in another environment.
  • On another level, nurseries will encourage your child to learn social manners that would help them shape their personality.

2 – Nursery Helps to Inspire Playtime

  • Children hugely benefit from playing with other children, and this will greatly help them to gain confidence and expand their social skills.
  • Active youngsters are more likely to remain active later on, so it is of importance to encourage children in activities both indoors and outdoors.
  • You should want for your children to indeed love the great outdoors, not the TV or mind numbing video games!
  • And one thing you will never see at any respectable nursery providing affordable child care in Nottingham, is a television. (Not unless it is being used for educational purposes)

3 – Preschool activities have been shown to Increase pre-math and literacy skills

  • Youngsters show a greater interest in pre-math and pre-literacy abilities.
  • They are much more curious and observant, and want to be able to read and assemble toys and help out with small tasks.
  • To get children ready for the academic demands of school, nursery teachers will provide a wide range of games and activities which help children to acquire the best in pre-math and literacy skills.

4 – Nursery Definitely Helps Children in Their Development of Social Skills and Making Friends

  • Very important is their mixing with other children, as this will be vital for their later successful development.
  • They will soon be keen to engage with their peers and also be aware of the special attachment that they will feel towards other children that they play with.
  • Youngsters always will get a lot out of being with other children and there’s nothing which can make up for the excitement that playing with other children provides.

5 – Advantages for Parents

  • Your children will be cared for by skilled nursery instructors who enjoy working alongside children.
  • Parents can feel somewhat more relaxed when having a well-earned break from their children, and this equals a great benefit for both parents and children.
  • Nursery instructors happen to view the behaviour of children from a totally different viewpoint and through experience.

With this in mind, you can rest assured that your child will be cared for by people who want to bring out the best in your young ones!

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