What Makes JGU A Top Private University in Haryana


The Jindal Global University is one of the top private universities in Haryana. However, not many people know how it became an institute with such high reputation. We will discuss the factors that have significantly transformed the status of the university. It all began with a simple philosophy of bringing a change in the education sector of the country. The goal was simple, to build a great university that will become the epitome of high-quality education and produce students with an exceptional level of thinking and desire.

  • Exceptional Infrastructure

The university has a great infrastructure with plenty of facilities for its students. There are separate boys and girls hostels with AC with a high emphasis on hygiene. The campus also has gym and actively supports various types of outdoor games for the fitness of the students. The library of the university is one of the largest in India. The collection of books, journals and study materials is simply magnificent

  • Well-designed Curriculum

The curriculum of the various courses taught at this university is created by consulting various industry experts. They help create the perfect industry-oriented syllabus for the various courses. After all, the students are required to learn the latest tools and techniques to get successful in their respective career paths.

  • Tie-ups with Multiple Organizations

The university has collaborations with multiple high-profile organizations to provide internships, training, student exchange programs and placement programs. The university is committed to provide not just simple education but also several means to improve the overall personality of the students by giving them the perfect opportunity to hone their skills in the real world before their graduation.

  • Brilliant Teaching Staff

The students always get support from the brilliant teaching staff of the university. Each professor of the university has ample experience in teaching. They are always ready to help the students in any case of doubt regarding their subject matter. Throughout the duration of any course, they will teach various subjects in a pretty detailed and easy manner.

  • Stellar Research Centers

The presence of the 50 interdisciplinary research centers with over 2000 research publications since the inception of the university is the perfect example of the research prowess of the university. The students with an ambition to pursue a career in the research field can join the university without any doubt.      

The Final Decision

In the end, it’s your choice to get admission into whatever institute you desire for your study and future requirement. However, the aforementioned university is perfectly situated at the summit among the top 100 universities in India. The experience of learning here would definitely be something of a lifetime achievement for the students of any course in the above-mentioned university.

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