Value Mags Considering New Markets and Sustainability


ValueMags has recently been considering entering new markets such as Canada and more specifically, Canadian universities. Canadian universities are among the most sought out educational experiences by international students and ValueMags is seeking to contribute to that experience. One of the main issues that ValueMags has currently run into is that their products are not sustainable which goes against some of the core values Canadian universities. One of the biggest and more prestigious Canadian universities is the University of British Columbia. To ensure that ValueMags has a shot at campaigning to university students in Canada, ValueMags is considering going completely digital.

ValueMags understands that UBC’s Sustainability program is claimed to be the one that best with 636 sustainability courses and 48 sustainability programs they are well known from their efforts through environmental sustainability. Within the Sustainability Program there are numerous sub-initiatives all having their own set of plans and objectives. According to the UBC webpage there are 10 campus initiatives currently taking place including Recycling and Waste, Water, Green Building, Purchasing, Food, Transportation. Green Lab’s, Social Sustainability, Economic Sustainability, Economic Sustainability and the Sustainability Revolving Fund. We are targeting Students in UBC with little to no disposable income as well as a very involved student life. The targeted students for the program are ideally in an environmental program or course who have already adopted a lifestyle that revolves around the environment and focus greatly on recycling and reducing their consumption. This means that ValueMags is going to have to strongly consider not only providing universities with sustainable platforms but online magazines that address environmental issues.

As environmental awareness raises in the province of British Columbia, many Universities are beginning to take action. Universities throughout British Columbia are present and competing to discover new and innovative ways to develop their Sustainability Programs. Schools like the University of Victoria, Vancouver Island University, Simon Fraser University and others have their own respective programs.

 ValueMags intends to positions their campaign towards the engaged students of UBC’s sustainability program. Their campaign would be simple yet challenging to the school. The school tree planting challenge provides goals and requirements to meet to maximize the school participation and reward them with free subscription to online magazines. The campaign will ideally also provide assets to the university in the form of online subscriptions to high profile magazines caterer to their program and needs.

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