A New Exciting Direction For Teacher Training


The school centred training route is changing education for the better.

Education in the UK is a world that is forever changing, developing and growing. As governments and ministers change it is inevitable that policies and the landscape of education follows. It is therefore rare to find an educational institution that is as innovative and forward thinking today as it was twenty, fifty or even one hundred years ago. One such institution does however exist in the form of Prestolee SCITT.

SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) providers are becoming more prevalent as the focus on teacher training becomes primarily school led. This makes perfect sense as trainees spend the majority of their time in schools, learning on the job, rather than studying outdated methods in textbooks, taught by tutors who often have not been in a classroom for several years. By immersing trainees in schools they are able to gain valuable real-world experience and learn the very best current teaching methods. This in turn allows them to develop into better teachers who can provide more rounded and complete classes for their students.

This relatively new SCITT route is perfectly in-line with Prestolee’s own ethos and approach to educational development. As a school Prestolee has long been at the forefront of innovative teaching and teacher training, dating back to their former head-teacher and renowned educator Teddy O’Neil who took charge of the school between 1918 and 1953. His child centred teaching methods were controversial, yet they delivered results and created a learning environment that was years ahead of its time.

Today the school’s head teacher and National Leader of Education, Michael Tonge, continues this tradition as he, along with his team provide a stage for the Prestolee SCITT programme to develop a new generation of outstanding teachers.

Michael Tonge: “The philosophy which has made our school an Outstanding school and an outstanding system leader school is very clear and simple. We believe that no child ever gets a second chance at primary education and that it is morally right that all our learners are equipped with the skills needed to have a great start in life, to provide for themselves and their families. That means great skills, great application of skills and wide experiences.”

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