A Parent’s Guide: Tips on Motivating Kids to Read


Motivating the kids to read is a bit challenging because they would rather play than read anything. Parents need to know that the child’s formative years are very important because it is when their cognitive development is heightened. The formative years of kids are the first five years of their life. It is also the time when their personalities are shaped. You should take this opportunity to make them love reading.

Motivating the kids to be interested in reading until they actually learn how to read should be your priority. Do not depend on the school system because, at the end of the day, learning will really start at home. Sometimes your kids will be reluctant to read. You have to understand though that it is not yet too late to motivate them.
Here are some tips on motivating the kids to read:
Fill your kid’s room with books

Kids who see books all the time tend to grow loving them. This is one way of showing to the kids that books are not enemies but friends. Finding books and considering “Childrens books gifts for kids” is not very hard the trick here is choosing the suitable one. Be sure that the books match the kid’s hobbies and interests.
Read to your child at an early age

Reading actually warms the heart because it reminds the reader of how good it feels back when their parents read to them bedtime stories. Do not underestimate reading to your children at an early age. Though they will not remember the stories, they will surely associate books with love.
Be their role model

Parents are the children’s role models. This is why whenever you do something, always keep in mind that your children will one day mimic it. You can start by showing them activities that are pleasurable like reading. If kids do not see you read, it is difficult to discipline them and demand that they love reading.
Let the kids choose their own books

Do not force a kid to read especially if it is not something they are interested in. Children will tend to read more if you let them choose the kind of book they like. Give them the autonomy to choose whatever they like and you will see how they will love reading.

Make a reading schedule

It is important that you designate a reading schedule. Do not read to your kids only if you have the spare time. Reading should be a routine so they will get used to it and it will become a habit when the time comes. As much as possible make it every day. Most importantly, do not force the kids to read because soon they will get bored and will start hating it.
These are just little things but it can make a difference at the end of the day. Do not underestimate the power of books and learning.

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