Green Cards through Marriage (USA)


Many foreign nationals come to United States with a desire to settle down here permanently. Following the trend, most foreign nationals now a day apply for Green Card after marrying a US citizen. Obtaining a Permanent Residence Visa is probably the greatest perk of marrying a US citizen. Some countries like United States gives you priority of ‘Immediate Relatives’ when applying for Green Card. Preferential treatment during the application procedure makes US Citizens’ spouse experience more enjoyable.


What is Green Card?

United States of America offers foreign citizens residing here a Permanent Residence Visa to give them a legal right to live or work here permanently. This Permanent Residence Visa issued by USCIS or ‘US Citizenship and Immigration Services’ is called Green Card. A Green Card will give you legal right to work and live permanently in the United States. One who holds Green Card in United States can garner several benefits including health and education.

How To Apply For Green Cards Through Marriage

For those who want to obtain Green Cards through Marriage can apply for United States Citizenship immediately. Obtaining Green cards based on marriage has now turned out to be quick and easiest way to get legal permanent residence. A U.S. citizen’s spouse is considered as ‘immediate relative’ under the law and order. This probably means that no quota restrictions are implied on the number of people in the linen to obtain green cards through marriage to US citizen. Here are some important steps in line with obtaining Green Cards:

  1. A US citizen can begin the procedure simply by submitting form I-130 visa petition for their foreign-born spouse. After entering the country lawfully, he/she should file for ‘I-485 packet’ that is ‘adjustment of status’ without leaving United States. In general, the spouse obtains an Employment Authorization Document or EAD within the tenure of 90 days. Besides, they may fulfill the criteria for Advance Parole document that will allow them to travel abroad.
  2. If foreign national (Souse of US citizens) entered the country without inspection, they have to apply for a green cards through marriage in the home country. It might be possible that foreign nationals entering the country are eligible to request a ‘provisional v c\vx waiver’ in United States and if it’s true, they can do so.
  3. For obtaining a green card through marriage, it is very important that the marriage is bona fide. By organizing a wedding reception where the parents, friends and relatives of US citizen spouse are present, you can prove your marriage to be authentic. If the couple owns a joint property or files income tax returns jointly, especially if they have child together, then they can easily prove the legitimacy of your wedding.
  4. At the time of granting green card, if your marriage hasn’t completed two years old, you will be given a time limit of two years. To obtain a green card for ten years, the couple is required to present form I-751 within 90 days before green card expires. And, if couple get divorced prior to the end of two-year term, the foreign national is required to submit form I-751 for receiving ‘good faith marriage waiver’ of joint petition obligation.

The Green Card Lottery is also a good option if you want to live and working in USA, you can apply online on the US GREEN CARD OFFICE homepages

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