How to develop imagination and creative thinking


No matter how obvious it sounds, to start being creative, people must dream and act creatively. Beauty is everywhere around us, and it gives us inspiration every day. Very often we just skip it in the rush of everyday life. When the connection between you and the surrounding beauty is lost, it is time to act creatively.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Time for great art

Art is one of the most important connectors between a person and surrounding beauty. This is the big aim of every artist, be it dancer, designer, musician, singer, writer, actor, sculptor, etc., to present the supernal loveliness to the audience.

Think of what you love. Is it Adele, or Red Hot Chili Peppers, or Serj Tankian, or Justin Bieber? Go and buy a ticket to the nearest concert. Does it take place at other city or state? Great! It is time to travel. If you can’t afford this right now, there is always an option to visit classical music concert, contemporary art gallery, or local opera. You might be surprised how classic art can change your way of thinking if you allow it to happen.

Musical therapists are widely using classical compositions in hospitals for improving the wellbeing of their patients. Imagine that you are another patient who needs an art therapy.

Time to travel

If you are bored of everyday life and duties it means you absolutely don’t know how big the planet is. Let us remind you that there are 251 countries located on six continents on the Earth. Most of the readers probably visited only two of them and have a dream to see places they think they will never see.

Here is the secret – traveling improves the worldview and in most cases changes ideology. Spend a week in Sri Lanka, Goa or Thailand if you feel happy and want to realize the joy if life. Go to the North Sea if you feel depressed and want to go over the big loss. Choose your personal place in the world and go.

 If you can’t afford a big trip right now, there is always an option to go camping and find beautiful places which represent harmony and beauty of nature, or visit another city which can grant you with new people and emotions in your life. There are a lot of services which allow traveling with a small budget. They are gaining deserved popularity among travelers who find it even more entertaining.

Do art yourself

Didn’t you forget how to hold a brush in your hand? Did you use to dance before, but already forgot how to do it? Were you a musician but sold your guitar? Do you need help with research paper? Self-expression is the best way to recharge. Paint something, buy new paints for that, go for a free class to any dance studio, find a jam session and play there. Creating things gives a lot of strengths and a reason to be proud of yourself. This also may become a reason for your spouse to adore you more.

The result of your creative art may become a home improvement if you decided to create furniture by yourself or decorate a flat. This does not only bring coziness to your home but also sharpens the creative thinking.

Go for sport

An active way of living is the best way to keep body and mind in a good shape. We are not talking about gyms where you create your body. Tennis, volleyball, football, hockey or any other sport will make you think more and strengthen your will. Team and individual sports are useful for changing the way of thinking and become more creative in your daily duties. If you are not a sports person you can always play chess or golf. There are also a lot of entertaining institutions that allows an active pastime for everyone. Sport is believed to change the ideology, but you must try it first to make sure.

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