Math Secrets to Make Learning Times Tables Enjoyable and Interesting


Learning mathematics timetables has always been hard for most of the young kids. They had a difficult time memorizing it. There is a good news for all those kids who have fear in their mind. There are some secret ways by which you can easily understand the structure of multiplication table and use it to learn the table.

Break numbers into prime factors

The prime decomposition is a wonderful method that explains significant things about a specific number, in a condensed manner. The ability to decompose number into its prime factors can result in simplified and less complicated multiplication.

This will be even more beneficial for bigger numbers. Irrespective of the way one performs it, split the number into factors till one is left with only primes factor, i.e., 2’s and 3. For example, the decomposition of twelve is done in two ways,

  • 12 = 6 × 2 = (2 × 3) × 2
  • 12 = 4 × 3 = (2 × 2) × 3

So prime decomposition of 12 implies multiplying each of its small prime numbers. This method of prime decomposition makes multiplication quite easier. Once you learn this decomposition method, it will become multiplication of two numbers easy.  Suppose you want to know the answer of “11 × 12”, then you need to learn about the prime decomposition of 12.

11 x 12 = 11 x (2 × 2 × 3)

With this method, you can calculate multiplication of any large number easily. All you need to know the decomposition of the large number.

Online learning resources comes as a great help

There are several websites that provide an enormous collection of free math apps and games. There are a lot of learning resources made specifically for kids, teachers and parents. These inexpensive apps offer a variety of options that can help one to practice multiplication facts easily. Animated gif images in multiplication table app make math learning more enjoyable for little kids.

The fun ways it teaches to students help in practicing times tables easily. With the tips and tricks mentioned in these apps, you can easily perform multiplication of larger numbers such as 13s, 14s, and 15s. Once your kids learn these tricks, they would love taking it as a challenge.

Poster method

App with innovative multiplication table and YouTube learning videos for children has proven to help kids in learning timetables. There are timetable posters available online that can be pasted on the ceiling, kid’s room, and other places where kids spend most of their time. Looking at these posters will help in remembering tables and recalling them in the times of need. You are several free of cost, printable timetables posters on the web. You can easily download them.


While they understand the basic concept of multiplication perfectly, they lack the ability to remember it and recall multiplication facts easily and quickly. Learning smart tips and tricks will help them learn the structure of timetable, remember and recall whenever they need quickly.

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