Online Services for Students


Every student in their academic life faces difficult situations in which he needs assistance of a

fellow student or professor to resolve and overcome the problems. In the modern world of

science, time has throttled itself to the fullest and nobody is able to catch or spare it a little for

others. Fortunately, internet has risen itself as the savior of the pupils since its birth in the

scientific world. Following are some useful online websites for the students.

Gradebuddy is one of the most advanced services allowing you to see notes taken by

other students from colleges and universities across the US. You can even get paid for

taking these notes and submitting them! Well worth a look.



Lynda provides services to students who want to learn Business, Designing, Creative skills

such as software development, photography etc. by professionals attached to the

respective industries.

It is often mandatory for research students to provide the bibliography and references at

the end of their research articles which require a specific style to be written into; This

website provides the styles and creates the references in the required format by just

taking the simple text from user. collaborates with well-known universities and awards certificates on the

completion of provided online courses. It has a large variety of courses (over 950) and over

2300 online teaching staff. Additionally, Certificates from this website are internationally

recognized and they can be utilized anywhere in the world.



Many universities especially in the scientific or engineering sector, ask the pupils to create

innovative projects as a token of completion of their study period. It is difficult for many

students to do so; Instructables has the collection of projects and specialists who post

projects in various fields of studies which help the pupils to understand and resolve

problems that arise during the making of the projects.

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