Ph.D. research proposals: a good idea is not enough


The goal of Ph.D. research proposals is to prove that you need additional funding for your research. But it’s not enough if you think that your idea is good or even great. Professional academics may have another opinion. So you should write a really good proposal if you want to reach the goal.

Prepare before writing

It will be easier if you know persons who you are selling your proposal to. Learn their interests and hobbies, literature and other things they like. Their points of view also matter, take it into account while writing. So your proposal can be written in right direction and convince its readers.

Sometimes a good idea is not the only instrument for reassuring people. You should also use fact, statistics, publications, and other kinds of reliable information to prove that you really need funding for your research.

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What should be written in Ph.D. research proposal

If your proposal has an interesting and engaging introduction, it makes people read all other chapters. So you need to develop good introduction, which helps you to get readers’ attention, and as a result, funding for your project.

Other parts of a proposal should contain additional information. Explain goals of your research, how it will help science, what results you expect. You can also use figures and tables. If you want to use fragments from other sources, it’s better to choose only reliable sources.

Structure of a proposal

Different universities may have different proposal structure. So you should find templates of those documents which are used in your university.

Start from a statement of your topic. It must be clear and seem to be right. There you can also put interesting questions which would be answered if you’ll do your research.

Try to highlight the uniqueness of your research, prove that you move in the creative direction. Most of the people don’t spend their money or time for projects that don’t contain any original ideas and were provided by hundreds of the people before.

Know what you need

It’s a bad idea when you’re asking for a funding when you don’t know what you’re going to get. You should outline the following:
• How much time you need for a research. You can use calendar or timetables to show your plans.
• What resources do you need and why. If you know the field where you’re going to do your research, you also know what resources your university should provide to you.
• How much money do you need. Academics would not make an investment if they don’t understand how exactly you’re going to use it.

Don’t worry if your proposal seems to be not convincing or bad written. You can rewrite it many times to make it better and reach your goal. For more information please visit our site

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