The Miami Symphony- The Essence of Music


The urge for an opportunity to continue exercising and passing cultural practices over from one generation to the other led to the foundation of Orchestra Miami. It is one of the low-cost activities for the community to experience high-quality art from their own people. It was to create enjoyment and learning opportunities for all thus, a pushing factor to bring classical music to peoples’ life in South Florida. It created a group composed of professional musicians who had been brought to the existence of Orchestra Miami as all participants of the group being permanent residents of South Florida. A large orchestra formed a symphony. Musicians came together from Miami to play together with various instruments which as a result created beautiful music. In the process, Miami’s culture was shared with the world. It symbolized diversity and the beautiful talents that are found in South Florida. This engaged international participation in educating people using different formats and settings.

Miami has become one of the international cities with a fast growth rate. Every year an event is held that allows all international relationships. The annual profit from the visitors from all over the world has made the city to be a holiday destination for many. During the summer holidays, it definitely becomes an attraction for the tourists. The symphony carries the culture of people from all around the globe and a visitor would definitely witness the same.

The subscriptions to attend the Miami Symphony Orchestra present the amazing classical music for the world. A large number of people attend the Grand Season Opening whenever it is held to see the great talents. Being on its 30th season since it was founded, the great history of the development of South Florida is well portrayed. It becomes an event like no other, marked by the multicultural richness all over the world. Classical music played with a combination of different instruments to make sense to the listeners, calming their mind, makes it all. The spectacular artistic combinations, the pianos, brass, woodwinds, strings, and celesta are absolutely fabulous. The harp with the combination of other electronic instruments makes everything work out perfectly.

Events follow one another. For the 2018/2019 season, different concerts are being held. The world’s greatest instruments players, professionals in different instruments will be presenting their skills to entertain the congregation. Winners in different music competitions and auditions, for example, the piano competition, will bring in their editions to appeal to the senses of the visitors. The flow of the events brings the magical experience of appealing to the senses of hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste. Art and fashion give the presenters an opportunity to show their creativity. A full season takes quite sometime before the final event is held. It is also held in different locations which help the visitors explore places. The musical party also encourages people to wear different kinds of fashionable outfits. Everything about the event marks it as one of the international functions.

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