The New Age Emphasis on Originality of Student’s Work


The education industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. And along with it has changed the way education is imparted or even taken up by the students. The internet that has created this vast world of information to be utilised for knowledge based purpose, on the other hand has also created a drawback which can be put forth as lack of authenticity.

The New Age Emphasis on Originality of Student’s Work

A student’s learning graph is best represented by the assignments that need timely completion as a part of school curriculum.  Yet Contract cheating, as the term is known brings in a certain amount of dishonesty albeit academically from the students’ front. To elaborate further, the students get their assignments completed by third party agencies in exchange of money.

Questions do naturally occur as to why most universities fail to detect contract cheating and bring an end to the practise? Astonishing facts gathered as reports would probably throw some light as how far the improper practise of contract cheating has spread. These are;

  • Posts on poplar websites with a large number of visitor footfalls regarding computer contract work are students’ bids for contract cheating.
  • It is quite of a habitual practise on behalf of the students to avail of contract cheating
  • Bidding requests by students are common.
  • Contract cheating mostly go undetected and students end up with fairly proper marks without even putting in any kind of labour.

With technological advancements there now also seem possible solutions that can help in preventing plagiarism when it comes to texts and writing. Many of the modern day software developers have built on software such as behavioural analytics engine for an example that can detect plagiarism quite fast along with quick citations.

The contract cheating detection software are developed in such a way by the software developers that they are very well compatible with popular word processors.

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