The Top Five Student Writing Problems


Writing an essay, a term paper or a research paper – is a complex task that requires a student attention and diligence. This process takes time and claims a thorough study of various literature, not only textbooks but also other sources of relevant information. It may be magazines, interesting notes in newspapers and scientific articles on the Internet. But during the work on the scientific creation, it can be a lot of problems, which are classified a completely normal situation in an educational process.

Student Writing Problems

  1. Absence of information

This problem is the most serious during writing projects. Thus, before you choose a theme, you should explore literature on your topic.

It is worth to note that the work should include the following basic questions: description of main terms and concepts; a general description of the topic; availability of varieties, classifications, algorithms;  historical and contemporary view of scientists on the subject;  problematic aspects, as well as theoretical and practical ways to determine them.

Absent of information can lead to disclosure the theme of the project, not fully disclose its essence.

Students should take note of a publication date of books that they will use. Old information can be not only useless but contradictory. Almost all teachers demand to use only new origins,  published in the last three years.

The decision of this problem is a high-quality plan with a subsequent approval of a teacher. Before writing the student could use the help of custom writing service. When the student understands the basic of a question, he can apply monographs and scientific articles, a more detailed consideration of information. Such sources are considering a narrower perspective and aimed to permit limited problems.

  1. Quotation

The second issue is the quotation. The logic of citation – the short dissertation is required to include only those quotes that authentically belong to one author. The required note is you should specify an origin of quotation. Many teachers are strict enough about this item. The fact that many students apply in their work many quotes to show their supervisor diligent study on educational materials. If the supervisor has questions about the content, the student can hardly get a plausible answer. Consequently, apply only those quotes that you really understand.

Frequently, there are many difficulties with the spelling of foreign names. If students doubt about a conventional transcription, they could enter in brackets a name of a man in his own language.

Another problem is the abuse of quotations. If you simply “stitch” pieces of other texts, it is not the diploma thesis. It will be a very big abstract.

  1. StyleFrequently students have problems with the appropriate style of the work. The main text should consist of several chapters, sections, and subsections. It is very important the amount and proportion of each such section.

 The most important thing – the logic of the work. The excessive congestion of data can only interfere.

 All chapters and all items should contain concludes. At the end of each item you need, to sum up, the main idea.

Despite the accuracy of all stated information or calculations, even such a trifle as the design can significantly affect on an assessment of the work. Inasmuch as rules change every year, you should take requirements upon writing term papers in your department.

  1. Plagiarism

A lot of problems including expulsion from the university can bring plagiarism. To avoid such trouble, students should specify an amount of a percentage of uniqueness in the finished work. Many universities have totally different requirements on this issue. For some, it is enough 50% of unique. Others do not accept the work with the uniqueness of below 90%.

To obtain such uniqueness, it is possible only through a self-writing text. Students just need to transform information upon the subject and summarize it in their own words. If the student focuses on the issue of the project, the presentation of a core should not make him special difficulties.

  1. Practical part

 The lack of connection with a practical part and the thesis. The theoretical chapter should be a basis for the practical.

As a rule, there are many blunders in texts and their appearance are forced teachers, lecturers to return it for revision. To minimize this unpleasant process, students should check their projects, course works, research papers.

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