The Use of an Online Education Journal


The Internet is full of amazing websites and sources of information. Research and resources abound all with a simple click of the computer mouse. Guides and tutorials are just a few of the valuable resources that can be found on the Internet. One of the biggest resources online that benefits the remote learning student is the online education journal. These helpful tools come in a variety of formats and very unique uses. Some are intended to be used as an online students journal where experiences and schedules are kept; others are actual online magazine journals set up to keep the remote student abreast of the latest developments in the online education field.

The first type of online education journal is an electronic diary of sorts. These programs can be used by the online student to keep track of assignments and their due dates, the students thoughts and experiences, and courses that need to be taken in the future. These journals are in part, day timer, planner, and calendar of events. Considering many online students are adults with careers and families, this type of online education journal is an essential tool to keep priorities straight.

Another kind of online education journal is an electronic magazine. These publications focus on articles written expressly for online students with vital information and areas of interest. They can be found on a variety of specific subjects. Any one who has already declared a major can find online journals to pinpoint their interests. For all online students, major known or not, general journals provide a wealth of information pertaining to financial aid, getting accepted into an online university, and ways to effectively manage time. Online education journals in this genre are useful in aiding with the online education experience.

Other types of online journals are published on a regular basis that are geared for very specific kinds of students. There are journals dedicated to the lower education levels like elementary and high school. Others are published with specific ethnic backgrounds in mind. Each one is designed to assist in the academic terrain of the online education world. They work to help the student body in cyberspace feel as connected to one another as possible. They enable a sense of community among at home learners.

The use of an online education journal in one of these forms or a combination of them helps the online student keep track of their online education experience. These journals are a vital link between the student and the cyberspace learning environment. These useful tools will greatly enhance the success of the online student.

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