Top 5 Creative and Advantageous Children Activities for Kids Under 10


Taking out time for your kids is always a great thing for both parents and kids. Both need each others time and concerns. This improves the relationship between the child and their parents. But this is not only about the emotional bonding, involving your kids in different activities helps to build the mental structure as well. Now, if you are not very used to with taking out your kids, here are the top 5 activities for your kids. Each of these activities will help to shape up the character of your child.

1. Playing outdoor games

Well, there cannot be anything better than this. Playing outdoor games are always great lessons for any child. While in one hand, you kid will grow and become stronger physically, and games like football, cricket, tennis or anything, will strengthen your child mentally as well. In this busy world, no one has the time to be involved in physical activities. But if you allow your kids to practice from the early age, this habit will be transformed into them when they become adolescent. A healthy physique is always a sign of a healthy mind. So, you can always try on this.

2. Guess the person or thing

This is a game or activity of the memory. This activity can be performed with a group of children or singly as well. And let me tell you, this activity is very popular among the children. You just need to take face of different things like fruits, personalities, famous TV characters and create a puzzle with their faces. And you show one piece to them and let them guess who or what the thing is. This is an engaging activity and makes the brain sharper. The highest number of points can be given to the team or individual.

3. Be creative

This has got nothing to do with going outdoor. It can be done in inside your house as well. It is better to perform this activity with other kids as well. Ask your kids to sketch anything that they want or they can be given topic to sketch something in particular. Let them use their mind and creation. Everyone has a creative side in any aspect. Now, it is the responsibility of the parents to find out the creative genius out of your children. Let them imagine, let their imaginations blow.

4. Tongue-twister

We all know about this, we all have done this somewhere. We know that this is a great past time and hours can be spent playing this game. And the best part is your kids will have some reason to laugh. People laugh very less in the present time. If such activities can bring smile to your kids’ faces, what can be better than this?

5. Handicraft

Well, I am not talking about serious handicrafts, what I am talking about is to ask your children to create something by their own hand. Obviously you need to help your kid during the process but make sure that a large part of the structure is created by your kid. This is a fun and engaging idea which will help cultivate creativity.

There are only 5 ideas but believe me there can be thousands of ideas or activities to involve your children with.   

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