Top educational tools


When it comes to education, then every single help is necessary and important. Educational Institutes provide so much help with online and offline tools these days. Assignments and homework are often assigned in such a way that it requires a lot of research. There are numerous tools which help in writing and research for knowledge. Let us discuss some of them.

Microsoft Word.

What is the first tool comes in your mind when you think about writing something. Obviously Microsoft Word. One of its kind and the most powerful tool in writing, editing, Template designing and page layouts etc. Almost 90% articles and assignments are written in Microsoft Word. The dexterity about Microsoft word is that it’s available online and is linked with email. You can simply access documents online and even print them. It has add-ons for extra help. It checks for grammar, punctuations etc, in short, it’s one of the best tools to support educational constituents.

Google Docs.

The best after the best. Google Docs dispense a variety of amenities. Students can impart knowledge via research tabs on Docs or information from fellows. The first exclusive to read, write, learn, share and save your work in online cloud bestowed by this tool. These are trusted servers and your work could either be private or for public share. Millions of students, proficients, and qualified people have their work submitted for research desires. This gizmo is not just limited to this, but it’s accessible anywhere with just a simple login and internet connection. Also, imparted with a search engine that leads to diversities of topics on their server. Being available online and offline banking on a person’s need is a colossal benefit.


Number 3 on the list. After discerning the above-mentioned tools, this is what you need to get your hands on. Grammarly brings quality, indemnification, and alteration to your words. Available online and offline with featuring persona. Grammarly comes as an online extension to your browsers and add-ins to Microsoft Word. Real-time audit of mistakes like, spellings, grammar, punctuation, better connecting words and sentence readability. Brings out a flawless document once it crawls through your written content.

Plagiarism checker.

Breaking the list on number 4 is this prodigious tool. The major reason of downfall of the educational system. When you are done with research, found yourself with an immense writing tool, mistakes are killed: Then bring this tool in for an essential scan. Plagiarism, as we are all familiar with, is an act of copy/pasting other’s hard work and presenting it as your own. This flagrant move happens when a student is incapable of creating something on their own. Plagiarism checker simply scans through your script and observe if it’s copied or unique. The first requirement of quality writing is bringing originality and creativity. Easy to operate, simply copy your work and paste inside the box and click check plagiarism. A couple of seconds and the exact percentage will be shown in a ratio.


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