Top Tips for Thai Students Going to the UK for Higher Studies


students going to the UK for higher studies have become a common thing today. In the current world, everyone strives to grow their career in the best way possible. And, higher education in abroad is something which gives the much excellent opportunity to students to expand their professional life substantially. But, those who are completely new to a new country face many difficulties to adjust the lifestyle of that country. Therefore, it is imperative for everyone to get fully prepared before arriving in any country to avoid any kind of unexpected stress.

We understand how much stressful it could be for a Thai student to adjust in the UK for the first time. Therefore we have brought some very effective tips to inform the students about the lifestyle of UK and how they can easily fit with UK lifestyle. Here are some top tips to help you out –

How to Adjust in the UK for the First Time  

The UK is a very renowned country around the world with a high standard lifestyle. Living in that country is not only luxurious but expensive too. Therefore, you have to obtain a very smart lifestyle to save your money, as well as to live a comfortable life.  

Do Some Research on the UK

Before placing your feet in the UK, first of all, do some excellent research about this country. You can do it by speaking to your relative or friends who has already been in the UK for study or another purpose. They can give you some real life examples of what is the difference if living in UK and Thailand. The next valuable place where you will get some significant information about the UK is the internet. You can search for information and resources, university details, study procedure and other details about UK education and lifestyle to get a general idea. If you are smart enough, you can also contact your university directly to ask them about the course details, timing and other arrangements that you are unaware of.  

Prepare Your Visa and Other Papers

When it comes to going from one country to another, the foremost thing which is needed by everyone is the Visa or Passport. So make sure you have your visa ready before time to avoid any kind of difficulty further. Without a Visa, no country will allow you to enter their territory including the United Kingdom. Apart from Visa, you might need other documents for your university formalities such as educational documents, identity card, marks details and others. So, don’t forget to bring those papers with you. If you have no idea about what documents to bring, then you can also ask your counselor or advisor about it.   

Prepare for the UK

When you are going to a new country, you have to ultimately prepare for that country based on the weather condition of that place. If you are going to a cold place, you have to bring winter dresses, and when you are going to a summer country, you have to bring summer clothes. The UK is known as a cold and wet country because of its rainy and cold weather. This country has a diverse weather, and thus students coming from Thai for higher education will not find it difficult to adjust in that country. You should pack some warm clothes for the cold weather, waterproof outfits and umbrella for the rainy weather while packing your bag for the UK.

Prepare Your Accommodation

When you are going for higher studies in the UK for the first time, it is better to search for accommodation at your university. You have to finalize your housing even before going into that country. If you are thinking about searching for an accommodation after arriving in the UK, then you are making a terrible mistake. Check whether your chosen university has their student accommodation facility or not. If yes, then it is better to choose university accommodation at least for the first year. Once you are familiar with UK lifestyle and destinations, you can then move to your preferred place with friends or alone. It also saves your cost a lot.   

Prepare For Transportation

Traveling around the UK can be quite difficult for a fresher student who is entirely new to this country. There are many alternatives available when it comes to transportation in the UK. You have to find the cheapest transport medium available for the students in the UK. If you are traveling locally, you can get a bus pass to travel at low price in the bus. You can also get an Oyster card, which is a nameless payment card that you can use to pay for your transportation through the bus, tram, tube, London Overground, DLR, TLF Rail and others.  

According to many, having a bike is the best way for local transport in the UK. However, you can also get a UniRider pass which is available for Stage Coach Bus Company. You can travel in Stage Coach bus cheaply throughout the year using the UniRider pass. If you are looking for a faster transportation medium, then the train is the quickest and most comfortable medium available. You can book train ticket as sooner as possible to save a lot of money. Apart from the above options, you can also do your research to find more traveling options in the UK.

Financial Plan

Making a proper financial plan is crucial if you are intending to save money while living in the UK for your higher education. As mentioned earlier that the UK is an expensive place, but there are many ways how you can lower your expense in the UK. First of all search for a cheap transportation medium and secondly you can also get a Taste Card to save money while you are eating outside of the university, you can also search for affordable restaurants available in the UK to save money.

On the other hand, you can also search for a part time job in the UK to earn your own pocket money which will only save your money, but it will help you to get good experience in your life.  


The above-given tips are some of the most important things that a fresher student can follow to live a comfortable life in the UK. However, apart from the above tips, you have to be very confident, careful and courageous to live a comfortable student life in the UK. Make a lot of friends and be open to the cultures of UK. If you can maintain all these things, living a life in any new country will be very easier to you.    

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