Where Could Studying Design at Uni Take You


To develop the skills and knowledge required to pursue an exciting career in a creative industry, it’s essential to undertake university study at an undergraduate level. While many university students go on to study at graduate level, for example, undertaking a Master’s Degree, to get your foot in the door at an organisation for which you want to work,design undergraduate courses delivered by a reputable university are all that’s required.

Here we look at some of the design courses on offer and the exciting places they could take you!

Graphic Design

One of the most popular design courses available (there are many different types of graphic design courses offered), undertaking studies in graphic design involves studying a broad range of traditional and digital media, as well as developing your graphic design skills.

Many graphic designers pursue lucrative freelance careers, though to be a successful graphic design freelancer, it’s essential to start off by working for an organisation, like an advertising or branding agency, a website design agency or by working for a period of time in the film or television industry.

Product Design

Every product that we see on the shelves of supermarkets, in department stores and on eBay has been designed by a product designer, making this an exciting career for anyone who loves to create. Combining art, science, and technology to create useful products that people will want to buy, it’s not a career for everyone with a love of art and design.

However, if you’re technically minded, love working through challenges and enjoy working closely with multiple stakeholders, this could be a career that takes you where you want to go. With 3D design playing such an important role in the development of products in all industries, there has never been a more exciting time than the present to embark on a career as a product designer.

Interior Design

Interior design encompasses an extremely broad range of design activities and processes, from creating commercial spaces like shopping centres to items around the home, like tables and chairs. At the undergraduate level you will likely focus on the broader skills required of interior designers before you start to specialise in a particular aspect of interior design, for example, furniture design.

Because an undergraduate course in interior design involves specialisation, it’s important to ensure that this is what you want to do, because unlike other popular design undergraduate courses, the skills and knowledge that you’ll develop aren’t as transferrable to other aspects of design.

Choosing a University

With seemingly countless top universities across the country at which to study design, it’s important that you choose the right university for your career aspirations, as well as your personal life.

As you have so many choices to make before you apply for an undergraduate design course, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a career counsellor and make the most of the invaluable information you can find online to help you enrol in the right design course at the right university. Why not start exploring design courses and the places that they’ll take you today?

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