Wonderful Progress Shown By Academy Primary Schools Cheshire


The academies are doing outstanding work with regards to teaching and learning apart from, providing a safe environment for children. These academies are state-funded independent schools outside the local authorities. The entire control and the National Curriculum get their funding directly from the Department for Education.

The regular running of these schools is with the principal or the headteacher, but they may get supervised by individual charitable bodies known as academy trusts or chains. Such types of trusts and chains cater support, advice, expertise and a tactical overview. Moreover the Academy Primary Schools Cheshire control their own admissions procedure and have more freedom as compare other schools to revolutionize education.

Academy Primary Schools

How it started?

The academies programme was mainly concentrated on transforming the failing schools in deprived areas. Under the realm of coalition, all the primary schools became academies and began competing with each other. Under the coalition set up, all the failing schools are taken over and are run by an academy trust. But does this untested and ambitious project going to improve any standards?

Well several of the academies formed so far are performing remarkably in delivering the envisioned improvements but it cannot be said that, it would deliver the same outcomes in the nearing future. The more generalised the program gets, the more reality will come into picture.

What is its Future?

Everybody knows that in the last budget Chancellor George Osborne made an announcement about compulsory academy plan. As per this plan, all schools in England either must convert to academies by the year 2020 or get committed to adapting by the year 2022. Though, these plans stimulated firm criticism from different teaching unions and others like Conservative MPs and councillor. The Ministers said that the aim of academisation all the schools remains but the attention is now going to be concentrated on schools which are lacking and failing.

What are the Benefits?

The government claims that the academies will increase standards by placing more power in the hands of head teachers over length of the school day, pay and term times. They possess much freedom to revolutionize and can choose out of the national curriculum. It even says they have been depicted to progress twice as fast as other schools of the state.

Views of Critics

Different teaching unions have claimed that academisation has been getting used as a source of privatising the entire school system. However, the government says that it is all about introducing revolution. At present, private providers are running huge chains of schools and a few of these grew very swiftly. They have taken more schools than they could deal with. Such a criticism has put a stop on the actions of taking up more schools by the largest chains.

While there had been criticism like various chains failed in showing improvement, some critics have also acknowledged that a wonderful progress has been witnessed in different academies.

Thus, with the move of academisation, many schools are worried about their individuality. After the implementation of this move, many Academy Primary Schools Cheshire have shown a mixed outcome. But still the big picture is yet to be unveiled.

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