Why play schools have soared in popularity


These days’ parents send their kids to school when they are mere 12 to 14 months old. This makes you wonder about what kids can learn at this age when they can hardly walk or talk. Many parents feel that without a play school they have done quite ok in their life, while a certain section feels it is just a gimmick. But the truth of the matter is that kids tend to face a lot of academic pressure, but what is surprising is that the concept of a play school has nothing to do with academics.

The definition of play school

What is a play school? It is a concept where 10 to 12 children spend a couple of hours under the watchful eyes of a supervisor. The supervisor child ratio should be 1 to 10. Experts are of the opinion that a play school has a lot to offer and it should not be aimed at improving your academic skills like reading or writing. There should be no set goals or stress on performance.  In fact, the onus should be on the social development of the child along with sensory motor development.

How does a play school operate?

Now the question is how the play schools go about achieving this goal. There was an example of a particular play school in Pune which went on to help the mother’ s toilet train their children. Every child went to bring the potty to the school and they were trained on how to use it. Kids learn by observation and in the comfort of your home, it is at an optimum level.  In the best play school, the supervisors tend to teach the children age appropriate behaviours through the technique of intimation along with observation.

The various benefits associated with a play school-

Free play

The children are not forced to do anything and generally, toys are there in the classroom which the kids can play. Say, for example, if they are playing with trains, the teacher will sing a song on trains with actions. With the help of a play school, your kid will become more talkative and will love interacting.

Separation anxiety is reduced

Playschool is a stepping stone for kids into the formal educational set up. The first day of the school can be traumatic for a kid and they cling on to their parents is also a common sight. Playschool helps the children of separation anxiety and they are willing to take on the world with a new sense of confidence.

Come across other parents

It is not only children who benefit from play schools but the parents as well. It is an external support system in enhancing the development skills of a child. Parents also get an opportunity to interact with other parents and learn about various qualities related to parenting. Parents can also go on to approach the trained supervisors if they are facing any problem with their child at home

Is play school a necessity? There is a divided school of thought on this as some parents feel that all these skills will be automatically embedded in the days to come, and maybe a tinge later. On the other hand, some others feel that it is the perfect platform for kids to horn their social skills.

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