Blue Ash Educational Building Child Care and Developmental Center



10149 Kenwood Rd.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

(513) 891-1723

One’s first impression of the Blue Ash Educational Building Child Care and Developmental Center occurs as you enter through the brick pillars and proceed down the long tree-lined driveway flocked by an array of flowering plants. Beauty abounds as you catch a glimpse of the National and State flags on display in front of the first of four buildings. Directional signage assists you to a multitude of play, exploration, gardening and academic locations including an outdoor amphitheater on the school grounds. WOW!! This is more than you ordinary child care!

Blue Ash Educational Child Care

The Blue Ash Educational Building was founded in 1965 and has provided year round, high quality developmental programs for young children. The center is open from 6:00 A.M. – 6:45 P.M. Monday through Friday and is closed only on five major holidays. The center provides care for children 6 weeks of age through School Age in an all-day setting. Children arriving before 7:30 A.M. are served a nutritious breakfast; all children are served a hot lunch, morning and afternoon snacks – all foods are purchased by and prepared in the center’s award-winning kitchen. The Hamilton County Health Department has honored the school with its “Clean Kitchen Award” each year since the awards inception in 2011. The award recognizes the best qualifying Food Service Operator/Retail Food Establishment for facility sanitation and food safety education.

In 1987, the Ohio Department of Education chartered Blue Ash Educational Building’s Kindergarten and School-Age Programs while simultaneously licensing the four developmental Infant areas and the five preschool and prekindergarten classrooms.

The Blue Ash Educational Building has been under the same management for more than a half-century and employs a diversified staff, both ethnically and culturally of degreed and non-degreed early childhood educators. In addition to creating responsive relationships with children, the infant and early childhood teachers also develop partnerships with parents of enrolled children. These trusting bonds between adults promote cognitive, social and emotional development, literacy as well as language and physical development in young children.

The Blue Ash Educational Building’s overall Program Plan is to provide a child initiated, child directed, teacher supported, enriching learning environment. The 11,000 square feet of indoor classroom space includes a developmentally appropriate curriculum supported by developmentally appropriate materials and activities leading to an integrated development of the child’s whole being; mental, physical, social and emotional. Classroom environments encourage independence and creativity as children move freely throughout designated areas selecting materials with the direction, supervision and interaction of the center’s staff. Respect for each other and the environment is always stressed.

The Blue Ash Educational Building highlights its unique location situated on seven acres of quality outdoor “play – learning” environments. The outdoor areas are comprised of four separate age appropriate playground areas, a full size athletic field, a children’s garden and a wooded discovery forest that leave one in awe. The discovery forest incorporates not only digging, gross motor activity and exploration areas, but has designated areas for art, music, science, nature study and dramatic play in the Fallen Tree Amphitheater. Year round, weather permitting, children are daily engaged in harmonious relationships with their outdoor environments. Psychologically, they internalize what their surroundings teach them. These learning activities could not occur in any indoor classroom.

The Blue Ash Educational Building’s mascot is “Good Buddy”, a non-sex, non-race depicted child who exemplifies friendship, compassion and good choices. Every morning the social foundation for the start of a great day is the singing of the school song “We’re All Good Buddies” followed by “Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Careful, it’s the Good Buddy Way”.

Blue Ash Educational Building’s state-of-the-art Media Center allows for children to produce and participate in frequent podcasts on the center’s “Good Buddy Internet Radio Show”. This positive environment fosters the greatest growth of verbal confidence in children.

When departing, one realizes that this center is significantly more than WOW!! SAFE-CLEAN-ORGANIZED-PROFESSIONAL-EDUCATIONAL. This center is AWESOME!

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