Hiring a Local Maths Tutor


If you are looking to hire a Maths Tutor in your local area to help you or a member of your family, there are a range of options available to you to help you choose. Some of these options include using somebody that is recommended to you by word of mouth by somebody you implicitly trust, or perhaps using someone you know who is good at Maths. But, just how well do you know these people and how do you know 100% that they are safe to be in your home, with you, or with any family members? Fear not, because there is another option available to you that will provide you with the confidence to proceed forwards with hiring a local Maths tutor.

There are sites online that are classed as ‘tuition companies’, and they can offer you peace of mind and total security alongside a guarantee that you will receive a tutor not only local to you, but one that is able to work with the Level required for you, the consumer.


Using a tuition company couldn’t be any easier, you can contact them online, or via the telephone, but either way you are able to communicate clearly to them what your needs are, what you are looking for, and how often you require tutoring to take place, and then they will fix you up with a match on their tutor list according to your preferences. These companies also promise that their tutors will receive rigorous and ongoing training, as well as promising to ensure that all tutors are CRB / DBS checked for security. On top of this, as they are a company and not just one individual, they will have a talent pool of subject and level specialists who can be used to ensure you are getting the exact tutoring you are requiring.

Obviously to hire a tutor it is going to hit you in your pocket, and using a tuition company may raise the price slightly, however it shouldn’t be discounted out of your final decision because even though Joe Blogs down the road can do Maths for £10 a time, how can you know they truly understand what is needed? The tutors at a tuition company are regularly up to date on the sector and of course with the UK curriculum, meaning that any adaptations that may need to be made can be done so with the minimum of fuss. As mentioned, cost wise they may be slightly pricier, but given the level of professionalism and the guarantee they are safe, why wouldn’t you shell out for it? PS. Package deals are available via this method, so similar to block booking, you can have a discount on the hourly rate for block booking a number of sessions ahead of time.

Calculate the cost of getting it wrong with your tutor and you will see that the method we have discussed adds up when it comes to choosing your local maths tutor.

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