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The ways outdoor learning can positively impact your child

Outdoor learning can benefit your child in a variety of ways, enabling them to find out more about the world and build their self-confidence. Read on to learn about various ways outdoor learning can help your little one.

Learning happens everywhere

When learning takes place outside of the classroom as well as inside it, children find that learning can happen anywhere. By learning in outdoor environments, kids can learn to appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors, taking risks that teach them to protect themselves from danger. Outdoor play allows children to challenge themselves, find out more about themselves and learn more about how the world works. Fulfilling and valuable activities that can take place outdoors can include climbing trees, putting up tents, making dens and many more.

Risk-assessed outdoor activities

Risk-assessed activities will remove most dangers but won’t take away absolutely every single risk. When outdoor activities are planned, the benefits can be assessed and steps can be taken to make play safe. However, it’s important not to eliminate every singles risk as some dangers allow children to learn. Learning isn’t solely about reading books and playing with toys – outdoor learning helps children to respect nature, care for all living beings and appreciate the beauty of parks, gardens, forests and more.

Ideal for development

Outdoor learning experiences help children to solve problems, encourage their holistic development, identify risks and hazards, become more resilient to testing climates and find out more about how we can protect the environment. They can also heighten self-esteem and self-awareness, deliver considerable physical and mental benefits, teach them the value of teamwork and collaboration and enhance their communication skills. What’s more is that outdoor play can help children develop a lifelong affection for the great outdoors.

Fighting health problems

Another key benefit of outdoor play is that helps education providers and parents to fight the battle against childhood obesity. It’s often said we are living in a more sedentary society, with children spending vast amounts of their spare time playing video games and watching TV rather than discovering the joys of the outdoors. It has become more important than ever to allow children to learn outside of the classroom. The risks that come with outdoor play teach children not to give up easily and to continue to battle obstacles until positive outcomes are gained.

How Isabello’s can help

The team at Isabello’s are passionate about outdoor play and encouraging preschool children to appreciate the world around them. The preschool is located just off the A23 in West Sussex and caters for children aged between 2-5. It is run from the church hall, independently from the church itself, though the nursery does have strong links with its committee.

A range of activities

Isabello’s was created to offer exceptional preschool care and follows the EYFS framework to enhance the quality of preschool learning. A wide range of outdoor learning activities take place within the grounds and surrounding areas. Additional activities include the Forest School, which provides young learners with indispensable hands-on opportunities to learn in natural environments such as woodlands. Other additional activities on offer at Isabello’s include Yoga for Kids to increase body awareness, coordination, strength and flexibility as well as additional languages to heighten the learning potential of preschool children.

Talk to Isabello’s

Morning, afternoon and full-day preschool sessions are available at Isabello’s, with 15 and 30 hours Government funding also being accepted. You can get in touch with Isabello’s, the leading Clayton Pre-School at any time if you do have any queries about the indoor and outdoor learning opportunities that they provide. To reach Isabello’s today, simply give the team a call on 07534 701 625 or send an email to [email protected]

Child Education

Register Your Child in Preschool So He or She Can Get a Head Start

Children thrive in life when they begin in preschool. By taking this approach, you will find that your child will get along better with children and excel academically. If you do not register your child in a preschool programme, he or she may fall behind academically, socially, and developmentally.

Some of the Benefits of Preschool Enrolment

In fact, affordable preschool services in Burnham-on-Sea permit you to realise the following:

  • A happier child psychologically. Children in preschool learn sharing earlier and how to interact with other children. By the time they enrol in kindergarten, they are ready to “take on the world”, so to speak.
  • Better performance scores in kindergarten and beyond. Children who take part in preschool activities get a head start in life that allows them to excel beyond their expectations. Research shows that they do better when they have to learn the regular subjects such as English and m That is why you should ensure your child’s academic performance by registering him or her in a preschool programme.
  • Broader perspectives. Children gain a clearer perspective about things because they develop faster when they get involved in preschool activities.

Starting Out Right in Life

Do you want your child to excel academically and developmentally? If so, you need to check out the features of a preschool programme in your area. If you would like to know more about a local programme, perform a Google search today. It probably will be one of the most important searches that you will conduct online.

Child Education

9 Tips When Designing Outdoor Playground Equipment Kids Will Love

It’s important to take note of what playground equipment you will have when designing an outdoor playground for kids. Depending on the age of the children, there are equipment that they will prefer to go on because of accessibility and those that they go on due to the excitement that it can bring to them.

Of course, you still want to maintain the safety of the children that are going to use the outdoor playgrounds that’s why it’s important to maintain a balance of fun and security when designing one. Below are 9 tips that you should keep in mind before you start with the blueprint of the outdoor playgrounds that you want the kids to love.

  1. Start with a sketch

When you start from scratch, you should always have multiple angles of sketches for your outdoor playgrounds. This will give you an idea of the dimensions and equipment that you are going to get within the specific area.

  1. Pick and choose

It may be tempting to go all out on the playgrounds. However, you should find a realistic middle ground for you to work with. Even if you have the funds to get all of the materials for the space, you need to have a balance.

  1. Try out the equipment

Instead of buying all the equipment at once, you can go to your local school and ask if it’s possible to create a focus group of youth to volunteer and try out your playground. Many schools are open to this.

  1. Supervise the trial process

Because the playground equipment that you are trying out may not yet be fitted with the safety items, you should keep a close eye on everything that happens. This will also help you with the preparation for doing so.

  1. Have a recipe

There should at least be one area or equipment in the playground where a child can do each of these:





Pushing and pulling


You can always add more activities to the regimen of your playground but these are the usual things that you’ll find in playgrounds.

  1. Work with what you have

It’s okay to be ambitious with the setup that you are trying to get done for your playground, but you need to be realistic. Look at the parameters and work within your limits.

  1. Guarantee the children’s safety

Have at least one adult supervising the children at all times and an area for them to do so. Having sufficient reminders for the age of play with the equipment is important. You should ensure that all areas have fall surfaces.

  1. Don’t let children feel stressed

The layout of a playground may seem fine to an adult, but otherwise stressful to a child. Running around to play with one thing then getting to another play area may not be optimum depending on the age.

  1. Design for fun

At the end of the day, you’ll want children to have fun. Put fun above everything else.

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Child Education

Finding the Best Childcare for Your Family

Knowing who you can trust to take care of your children can be very difficult, and it’s up to you as the parent to fully vet any person or business that you are going to trust with your child. With so many options available for child care and many locations promising to take good care of your child, it can be difficult to sort through them and find a company that you trust.

How to Narrow down Your Choices

It’s important that you take your time when choosing between available London nurseries and creches so you can be sure that your child will be safe, loved, and well cared for when they are away from you. While each nursery will offer different benefits, look for one that provides the following amenities:

  • Action and music throughout the day
  • Outdoor play areas
  • Stimulating areas both indoors and outdoors
  • Ofsted registered
  • Well educated and trained staff

Take a Tour

Before signing up with a nursery for care for your child, you will want to make sure that you find time to take a tour. This will allow you to get a feel for the nursery, what kind of care they provide, and whether or not you think your child will be happy there. Make sure the staff seems happy with their jobs, the children seem safe, and that the children there are stimulated and protected.

Finding the right nursery for your child will allow you to enjoy peace of mind while you are away from them. It’s important that your child’s development and language skills are encouraged while at nursery, and the right location will be able to meet all of your child’s needs.

Child Education

Experience and Learn Activities for Kids

KidZanian is a kids’ program in Kuala Lumpur that train and provide them with an experiences of over 60 working and playing establishment and 100 different activities. They are trained to perform real jobs in the inspired role-working environment. Their theme learning concept allows kids to enjoy as they learn valuable lessons that will be applicable and significant in their real-life experience.

Some of these incredible activities include blazing flames, scaling teeth, performing surgery, flying the airplane etc. Kids’ activities in Kuala Lumpur for learning offer a better way of teaching kids real-life experience skills, independence, and teamwork. The social confidence and skills will help them improve while they create new friends both locally and across the world.

There are more other activities that can be performed so as to develop an understanding as the key concept that can be essential in real life. Some of these activities are such as:

Light and Heavy

In a camp of science, kids will have an opportunity to learn the basic concept of light and heavy though KidZania program activities. Since every item is very important in Kidzania activities, using glass, some oranges and water, can perfectly explain floating concept.

Natural Phenomenon

Since kids are always curious about things that captivate them, there are several phenomenon that practically can offer an explanation to them through kids activities in kuala lumpur for learning. Rain can as well be demonstrated by some shaving water, foam, and color.

This is a kind of activity that would definitely captivate kids and also can offer a remarkable opportunity for learning. In fact, they can learn this concept of how rain is normally formed.

Construction from Scratch

While KidZanian program encourages the kids to apply the concept for disciplines in activities’ camp, it can be extremely important. A child would carry out some measurements, procuring constructible things, and brainstorming about the size and much more.

All these ideas would require a reasonable knowledge of Kidzania concepts. The activities like constructing a bridge from Lego blocks, sticks, straws or even building racing track would be under this concept.

Water Science

Since water is the most kid’s favorite, there are numerous activities that can be designed with water, water science can help them several concepts through Kidzania activities. For instance, water science kid’s experience would make him/her understand 3 forms of water like liquid, gas and solid.

The amount of heat required to transform into gas or solid, its properties and much more. All these can be categorized through Kidzania activities. The density concept can also explain to them through several liquids as dishwashing liquid, plain water, sugar syrup etc. It will make then learn the advanced concept in more understandable and comprehensive way.