Experience and Learn Activities for Kids


KidZanian is a kids’ program in Kuala Lumpur that train and provide them with an experiences of over 60 working and playing establishment and 100 different activities. They are trained to perform real jobs in the inspired role-working environment. Their theme learning concept allows kids to enjoy as they learn valuable lessons that will be applicable and significant in their real-life experience.

Some of these incredible activities include blazing flames, scaling teeth, performing surgery, flying the airplane etc. Kids’ activities in Kuala Lumpur for learning offer a better way of teaching kids real-life experience skills, independence, and teamwork. The social confidence and skills will help them improve while they create new friends both locally and across the world.

There are more other activities that can be performed so as to develop an understanding as the key concept that can be essential in real life. Some of these activities are such as:

Light and Heavy

In a camp of science, kids will have an opportunity to learn the basic concept of light and heavy though KidZania program activities. Since every item is very important in Kidzania activities, using glass, some oranges and water, can perfectly explain floating concept.

Natural Phenomenon

Since kids are always curious about things that captivate them, there are several phenomenon that practically can offer an explanation to them through kids activities in kuala lumpur for learning. Rain can as well be demonstrated by some shaving water, foam, and color.

This is a kind of activity that would definitely captivate kids and also can offer a remarkable opportunity for learning. In fact, they can learn this concept of how rain is normally formed.

Construction from Scratch

While KidZanian program encourages the kids to apply the concept for disciplines in activities’ camp, it can be extremely important. A child would carry out some measurements, procuring constructible things, and brainstorming about the size and much more.

All these ideas would require a reasonable knowledge of Kidzania concepts. The activities like constructing a bridge from Lego blocks, sticks, straws or even building racing track would be under this concept.

Water Science

Since water is the most kid’s favorite, there are numerous activities that can be designed with water, water science can help them several concepts through Kidzania activities. For instance, water science kid’s experience would make him/her understand 3 forms of water like liquid, gas and solid.

The amount of heat required to transform into gas or solid, its properties and much more. All these can be categorized through Kidzania activities. The density concept can also explain to them through several liquids as dishwashing liquid, plain water, sugar syrup etc. It will make then learn the advanced concept in more understandable and comprehensive way.

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