Bringing the best candidate into the bracket


Candidate Attraction is the tool through which employer brings the best candidate to fill a job vacancy available with the company through the use of various attraction channel. These channels should be such that could provide a pool of potential candidates and to develop those attraction channels certain strategies should be put in place which ranges from activities in the form of planning out the workforce needed, measures and evaluation process required for selection of the candidate. Furthermore, the terms of engagement between the hiring company and the prospective employees depend upon the employer company. This candidate attraction is a two-way process where both the employees and employers get a realistic picture of the individual in case of company and the profile of the vacancy in case of an individual job seeker. An important factor that is needed to be noted is that the branding of the employer is necessary. Unless the employer is recognized the candidates, good job seeker’s attention won’t be diverted to towards it. The hiring company needs to ensure that they have placed an adequate advertisement in the form of media as well as job board advertisement. The corporate website for the hiring company and that employer corporate can play a vital role in the in the selection of the candidate even social media can also become a platform for hiring resourceful candidates.

When it comes to recruitment advertising agencies need to ensure that they have the ability to provide a change of high skilled and caliber oriented have job seekers but it is also subject to high cost in the hands of the employer. Candidate attraction requires deep search and consultancies with the various market specialists who can provide the best opinion in this segment. To attract candidates the employee may organize career fair where the talented candidate can come and display their skill. Automatic entry includes accessing a database maintained by the sister concerns or any recruitment companies from where the company can initiate the evaluation process. This is a very cheap form of the attraction process as the employer is provided with the list of candidates from where they can shortlist the interested one.

Another method that can play a vital role in the candidate attraction is employment referral policy. Employment referral policy is a scheme where the existing employees are asked to recommend a friend or a colleague or associate or family member for the various vacancies in the organization. This can be very effective in controlling cost and it acts as a very reliable candidate attraction method because the reference came from the existing employees who are already dedicated to the employer and such chances of infidelity could be less. It is to be noted that candidate attraction should be inclusive and employers should always accept applications from a talented pool of job seekers so that they can select the best out of it and have a viable option to ensure the best candidate for their job.

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