Help End Poverty


There are children all over the world living in poor conditions. They don’t have enough to eat, they don’t have clean water, and they don’t have access to good medical or dental care. As a result they are often ill and unhappy. They aren’t able to live a good quality of life and they aren’t able to focus on education – if it is offered to them.

Many of these children are born unhealthy due to their mothers not getting enough food or prenatal care. The mortality rate is very high, and many of the younger children don’t thrive. They don’t get immunisations or other care. The money you offer can completely transform the future for such a child with very little effort on your part.

Sometimes, we take for granted our good fortunes. While you may not be rich, you have your basic needs met and money left over. You can help to combat poverty by making a commitment to helping a child. You can pick the gender and age of the child, as well as the country where they live. The amount you commit to is very small, and you can make the donation monthly or annually. It can be cancelled at any time you don’t wish to continue.

New Opportunities

When you sponsor a child, you have the satisfaction of knowing your money is going to good use for a child in need. You can get regular updates about them, including photos and how they are doing medically. You can find out about their school opportunities. You can write letters to them if you wish and learn all about their life and their culture.

sponsor a child

It is an eye-opening experience that can help you to be very appreciative of all the blessings in your own life. It is hard to think about children living in such poor conditions. Yet too often, we don’t know enough about it to make a difference. We push it out of our minds and move on with our daily routine. Now is the time to make a commitment to helping.

Family or Classroom Project

You can turn the desire to help a child in poverty into a project for your family or your classroom to be a part of. By sharing the experience, you can also share the expense. Perhaps you would like to sponsor with a group of friends or people at the office. A collaborative effort can be a very good idea if the money is too much for you to offer each month on your own.

As a classroom project, it can certainly help the kids in the class realise the value of what they have in their lives. Too often, children expect to have better shoes, the best clothing, and even the latest electronic devices, or they aren’t happy. Seeing children struggle for food, clothing, and even the ability to go to school may be a way for them to stop being so materialistic and to become more generous to the needs of others.

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