What Are The Various Career Options In Sailing And Boating?


Almost all people love boating and sailing. Although most of us are afraid of boating or sailing on the waters however the thrill and excitement associated with sailing or boating attracts all. It is because sailing or boating is full of fun, romance and adventure. Do you know that sailing or boating has various career options as well apart from just a mode of fun and adventure? At the same time, it is equally true that you need to get apt training from some reliable and reputable courses such as RYA courses that are known all over the world. By opting for such courses, you may explore different types of career options in sailing and boating. Let us now have a look at some of the most important or chief career options in sailing and boating that can be opted for after pursuing RYA courses or such other training options.

Become coach or assessors– As the name suggests, you may become a coach or assessor on a ship, yatch, boat, vessel or cruiser after getting proper training. Initially, you may have to become a local instructor at some club or centre and then move on to higher levels such as senior instructors once you gain adequate experience.

Become a windsurfing trainer– It is yet another great career option or opportunity for those undergoing training in sailing or boating courses. Indicated by the name, windsurfing trainer is mostly associated with the process of teaching the tips and techniques of wind-surfing to those desirous of learning the same. It is worth noting that a trainer in any fields associated with boating or sailing has to work on a comparatively advanced level. Even you need to obtain a certificate in first aid treatments as it is all about practical training. Also you need to b e perfect in windsurfing on various equipments and in different types of conditions.

RYA courses

Become a powerboat trainer- Although the term trainer is used along with this designation as far as various career options in sailing and boating are concerned however a powerboat trainer is chiefly responsible for appointment of instructors and trainers. It means a powerboat trainer is at higher level of sailing and boating. Apart from sailing, boating, windsurfing or such other techniques of boating, a powerboat trainer also needs to have technical knowledge of the various equipments relevant to water bodies. He/she must be capable of assessing the prospective instructors and trainers for their respective jobs. It implies the job liabilities of powerboat trainer are comparatively advanced and responsible in nature.

Become a technician- Although this type of job is not directly related to the sailing and boating line however you can still remain associated with this field by becoming a technician for various equipments used for this purpose. For this, you need to get apt training in the mechanical and technical aspects, their working and the ways to repair and replace the damaged or broken parts.

So we have seen that there are vast range of career options in sailing and boating. You just need to have passion and interest to pursue a career in this field.

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