Herolocity Announces $5,000 Business & Marketing Scholarship Opportunity


All about complete business automation, Herolocity has now announced a $5,000 scholarship to a potential business and/or marketing major students in the US. The scholarship qualification criteria is merit based where the business looks for other businesses and students prepared and able to think out of the box, add value, creativity and pitch. The candidates meeting the requirements will not only be entitled to the scholarship but also receive a chance to join Herolocity’s team as a Marketing or Business Development Coordinator.

With the core focus of providing businesses with complete automation through 100+ web apps, Herolocity aims for companies to connect every aspect of their daily operations to create an atmosphere where tasks are carried out more efficiently, leading to reduced costs and increased revenues.

Just like it believes in business automation, Herolocity also works towards application of education to real-life situations. A big fan of value and resourcefulness in both work and life in general, the business is in constant search for individuals working out of their comfort zones and towards their goals. The reward of course is the opportunity to get the $5,000 scholarship.


Requirements for Herolocity Scholarship Application

  • A student enrolled in a full-time two-year, four-year or graduate program.
  • Holding a major in Marketing, Business or any related field.
  • A GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • Creation and submission of a 60-second video pitching in your own words for their free Automate365 product. Core focus will be placed on the degree of creativity and value added to the product, and the provision of use cases whether for any business or industry as if you were pitching it to the owner himself. Crafting the master pitch is open to any approach the candidate takes based on his or her skills and sense of innovation.

 Uploading the Video

 Prior to participating in the scholarship, you will be required to upload a 60-second video to your Twitter account with the mention @herolocity along with the hashtags #mychance #scholarship AND marketing or #business (depending on your major).

Application Timings

9/20/2016 to 1/7/2017

Application Submission

The procedure of submitting your application is rather easy. The first step is to make sure you meet all the above mentioned requirements, and then upload the video pitch to Twitter with the proper hashtags and @herolocity mention.

When to Expect the Results

Results will be announced on 2/1/2017 on Twitter via a retweet and private message.

Criteria for Determining the Winner

The business is looking for a candidate who can not only bring a solid educational background but also extraordinary marketing and business skills to the table. Primary focus is placed on the degree of creativity used to add value to the business’ free products and use cases for any particular business or business industry. Special attention will be paid to the following factors:

  • The ability to add value to the business’ products
  • Provision of particular case studies applicable to different businesses and business segments.
  • Maintenance of focused, persistent and clear value on the business’ products.
  • Reinforcing marketing and business principles in the pitch.
  • Using effective sales skills in the product pitch.
  • Thinking outside the box to come up with something that is not typical and ordinary.
  • Keeping the pitch strictly under 60 seconds.
  • Relevancy of material.

Herolocity Scholarship vs. Traditional Scholarships

To start, Herolocity offers a handsome scholarship. The amount is quite sufficient to start an initial business operation and also for financing existing operations. Secondly, this scholarship opportunity is coupled with the chance of the winner actually joining the Herolocity’s team, a factor usually absent in other traditional scholarships. Not only will this experience help individuals gain experience and brush up their present skills but may also improve his or her future career prospects with Herolocity.

The application and submission process is comparatively easy, unlike many other forms of traditional scholarships that involve tons of paperwork. Furthermore, the requirements are also simple and do not expect ridiculously high levels of achievements, multiple educational degrees, a detailed personal statement and extracurricular activities.

The business promises a bias-free selection of the winner, giving each candidate a fair chance without any influence.

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