Make your study and notes special than ever


Now that you have entered into the college, you will be encountered with several new happenings like assignments, extracurricular  and sports activities and examinations. As a matter of fact that, the college texts are different from the school and so the study style is. So, how are you planning to succeed in those examinations and score a better grade? For shedding out the burden of studies, following some standards will lead you to better results. The most important for the better preparation of examination is creating textbook notes. This is the best way for keeping yourself updated and memorizing the lesson.

Study Notes can even get you paid

Yes, it’s surprising but true that, your created notes during the course will pay you well. OneClass is the platform where you can earn credits by uploading the unique notes. There is also the facility of downloading the notes according to your subject from this platform The OneClass was started with the view of adding value to the courses with the help of quality contents.

What type of notes are allowed for uploading and what are not?

Only the originally created contents are allowed for uploading. These can be  lecture notes, notes, chapter summaries, study guides etc.

The copyright documents which are developed by professors including power point slides, questions for assignment ,e-textbooks, articles which are already published, journals, homework, labs, essays, incomplete documents etc.

What does Credit System mean?

Earn 25 credits points for uploading each single document

You can earn 50 credits points for each friend/classmate who will sign up and activate the account

Receiving downloads for your documents – you will earn 15 credits for a Lecture note and for an Exam note  36 credits

What criteria OneClass follow for determining the selection?

For a perfect Elite Note Taker, certain criteria has to be followed such as:

Quality and detailed note created by following the OneClass rules and guidelines

The commitment of uploading during the term.

For whom these notes are usable?

The notes are useful for all those students who require and extra push to get the better grade and education as per their expectation. Specifically, the OneClass is  aiming to develop the study materials for all the students whether they are visibly challenged or not or struggling with the language problems and also for them whose learning styles are different.

Handwritten notes are also accepted

The OneClass also accepts handwritten textbook notes if the writing is clear enough to read. The individual has to scan the notes ( clarity measure is important) in pdf form and upload on the website. The further instructions can be retrieved from regarding the upload.

Thus, if you are looking for some specific notes to complete the studies and at the same time trying to help someone else as well, then create an account with OneClass and upload and download the documents. Not only that, you can also earn the credits with each upload and these credits can be redeemed later in form of cash or gift voucher.


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