How to Engage Your Students in Lectures Through Video Recording System in Class?


Back to back classes and prolonged lectures not only strain your mind but also stress your hand as well. As you need to pen down the topic thoroughly in your notebooks. Obliviously at some point, you will feel like giving up. But thanks to the teachers who have fathomed your stress by heart. In addition, they put forward a permanent solution to your problem. According to that, your teacher suggested to get a video recording system to capture the lecture.

For the convenience of the students, the professor creates an outline for recording the lecture.

Include some selective lessons: An experienced lecturer knows well about how to influence the students to take on the lectures. Precisely, she uses the robust option, which gives the best lecture capture solution to record. Initially, she selects only a few topics which are itself quite interesting. Thereafter the teacher prepares the flowchart that she or he follows and primarily records the concepts. Now this will help students get a deeper idea on the relevant subjects.

Masters on the technology used: Now for using the technology, you need to be a bit tech savvy and make a congenial selection. For that get familiar with few advanced video recording tools that are easily noticeable in the market. Do not waste time after any technology that takes most of your time to understand. Instead, simply get the one, which is plain and easy. In addition, get one, which automatically detects the computer screen.

Keep a check on the time limit: Sometimes it happens that you select an elaborative topic and the narrations are too long to track. It simply makes you get the dull reaction from your students, as they tend to lose the interest of the subject. Not only has that, it impedes your lecture as well. That is why, while lecturing just be sure that you choose the time something stretching between ten to fifteen minutes.

How to live your videos?

For those who are a beginner and using this method for the first time, need to nail on some steps:

First, you pen down a script that should have the detailed note on the topic you select to lecture for your students. Now this will augment your self-assurance that you can actually deliver a good speech without any unnecessary period. Once you master the use of the upgraded video recording tools you will learn that there are options, which will direct you writing scripts and recording that simultaneously.

Next, you should also learn the art of implicating the caption. This section is logical for those who are unable to speak and hear. In order to add the caption just use the scripting tool then use it as the caption file. Once you are done, you will be able to upload your video. Try to add a synopsis and an end line. Also, make sure that you should use a high-end quality microphone and superb lighting.

Just remember that these are the basic things that you should remember prior putting up your videos with the help of the lecture video recorder.





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