How to write a great dissertation: 5 steps


There are so many different components to writing a dissertation and every student is unique in what does and doesn’t work for them. However, to get you started, we’ve come up with 5 simple steps that will help you on your way to producing a great dissertation!

Find your niche

When it comes to dissertations, it’s obvious that some students will choose the same area of study to focus on. However, if you’re going to make your dissertation stand out from the crowd, it is important to find your own part of that subject area to develop and research. Speak to friends doing the same course to get an idea of who is doing what and ask your tutor for advice and guidance to help you find your own specific aspect of the subject area. A great dissertation will provide a fresh outlook and discuss innovative ideas.

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Plan, plan, plan

Throughout your education you will have been told numerous times that it pays to plan. Never should this advice come in useful more than when writing your dissertation. For such a significant piece of work, it would be foolish not to follow a structure and timescale. Any professional assignment writer would recommend that you make planning your schedule a priority. You will find the whole process a lot easier if you work steadily and methodically and having a plan will enable you to work out whether you are on track, or whether you need to readjust for any unforeseen problems.

Branch out

The best dissertations will: use a wide range of resources, incorporate the student’s own findings and thoughts, apply relevant concepts and theories to the work and will provide interesting discourse on the subject area. This sounds complicated, but in actual fact being narrow-minded while writing a dissertation is more difficult, as you have no room to expand your ideas. Extending your reach to multiple concepts, analyses and discussions will pick up more marks – as it will prove that you have been engaged in your studies and have used what you have learnt to produce an academically sound and well-written piece of work.

Take time to edit

Spelling and grammar mistakes may not be the most offensive of errors in a dissertation, but this does not make them unimportant. Great dissertations will have been edited and proofread multiple times to get them up to the highest possible standard. Rather than editing the whole dissertation in a mad rush right at the end of the process, why not edit each section as you complete it? This way, by the time you do that final nervous proofread before submission there should be fewer typos and mistakes, as most of them will already have been spotted and corrected.

Have fun!

When it comes down to it, the best way to write a fantastic dissertation is to make sure you enjoy doing it! If you labour over a dissertation that you are not interested in, trust us, it will show. Dissertation Writing Services UK has seen hundreds of dissertations – and in the best ones it’s easy to tell that the student was passionate about what they were researching. After all, if you’re going to spend weeks on end locked away in the library, it’s important to enjoy what you’re writing about, at the very least to preserve your sanity!

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