Top Things You’ll Hear People Say To Law Students


Being a law student means questions from random to family members about law school, law students, and how to be a lawyer. If you are a law student, one of the things you have to expect from asking help from law essay writers for your various requirements for things that people say to law students.

Some may be annoying, some are funny, while some are practically common and harmless. Here are some of them.

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“What kind of lawyer do you want to be?”

This can be awkward especially when you are caught off guard. But sometimes some people are asking what are your deeper plans when practicing law. This is also good to check your goals. You can say, “ I just want to be a good lawyer” or a better is, “ I’m hoping to specialize in family law”.

“ So You’re Good at Lying?”

 You may have prepared to ask help from law essay writers from company law essay but this is one misnomer when it comes to lawyers. This can be around in ages and shouldn’t hurt someone’s feelings. Shrug it off or laugh about it.

“ Are you ready for hell?”

Same as above, you can choose to laugh about it or be witty with, “ Satan will be thrilled to see me!”  – it is a matter of not taking it seriously.  Most people are not even serious about it since this is the most popular lawyer joke in history.

“ You’re doing for this money, isn’t it? Nice houses, vacations, oh the lifestyle!”

This can be off for others. If you feel bad, never defend yourself because it will just be a pointless discussion. You can politely say, “ and most of all, it’s for helping people”. Don’t be sarcastic to the people who tell you this.

“ Hello Attorney”

 Some lawyers even feel awkward when their long-time friends start addressing them, “ attorney” rather than their first names, how much more for a law student. You can simply smile or laugh. If you are the witty kind, call the person back something different, “ Hi, Madame!”,Hi Señor!”.

 “ Can you help my sister trying to get her house back?”

 Most people will innocently ask you for a legal advice when they learn you are studying law. While working with law essay writers and juggling a day job, you still have to insist that you are professionally allowed to give legal advice. You can give them your best opinion but you have to stress that a lawyer is the best person to ask.

“ Wow. You must be up all night reading!”

And partying! Kidding aside, law school is synonymous with readings and heavy workload. Let the person understand that everyone is busy with something from work to babies. So there is no difference between staying up all night studying law.

People have a lot to say about lawyers and law school and as a law student, you will meet and hear them all. Some may be funny or insulting but just remember to ignore them and enjoy law school.

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