Know what Anglicanism is in 15 Minutes


Many parents in Australia want their children to understand and respect the values of Christianity. Of course, parents themselves have a major role to play regarding their children’s beliefs, but they also need to ensure their children attend schools that reflect their religious values. For this reason, some parents search for schools that endeavour to teach children the values of Christianity while still promising them a comprehensive education.

Of course, Christianity, the world’s biggest religion, falls under many branches, all with slightly different belief systems while still fundamentally holding the same values. Many Australians fall under the branch of Christianity known as Anglicanism, a faith that dates back to the 10 century AD in England. Many people believe Anglicanism was born during Henry VIII reign, but it’s actually much older than that.

Fortunately, parents can find an Anglican school in Perth if they want to ensure their children learn the teachings they’re familiar with, and there are many excellent quality schools to choose from given the fact that Perth is the largest city in Western Australia.

All Saints College is one such school that ensures quality in its teachings related to both Anglicanism and academic subjects such as Maths and History. Those who are a little unsure as to what Anglicanism means may learn a lot from reading the interesting facts detailed below.

Important Facts about Anglicanism

As aforementioned, Anglicanism’s roots date back over one thousand years ago. Many people may already be aware of that fact, but they might be unaware of some of the information listed below.

  • Anglicanism has millions of followers – Christianity has over two billion followers worldwide, and Anglicanism makes up at least 85 million of them. Indeed, Anglicanism is worshipped and followed on every continent and not just in Britain as the name suggests.
  • It’s been through many changes – Original Anglicanism was connected to the Bishop of Rome up until its separation under the reign of England’s King Henry VIII. It was then reconnected under the reign of King Mary I and again separated during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
  • It’s found on every continent – Anglicanism has 85 million followers, which clearly means it stretches way beyond the British Isles. It first migrated to Canada during the 16th century and later spread to New Zealand, Australia, the USA and other nations on each and every continent.
  • It is one of many branches of Christianity – Needless to say, Anglicanism is not the only branch of Christianity because other Christian faiths include: Oriental Orthodox, Roman Catholic, the Protestant Churches – which include the Lutheran, Baptist, and Pentecostal Churches – and Eastern Orthodox.

As the world’s largest religion, Christianity is interconnected with all the branches that have stemmed from it. The main thing they have in common is that they follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and God. Fortunately, those who want their children to understand Anglicanism in particular can send their children to a quality Anglican school located in the great Australian city of Perth.

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