Learning the Best Horse Riding Lessons in Canberra


Are you that someone who enjoys the stunning view of the natural bush lands of Canberra? Perhaps horse riding is the perfect hobby for you. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, you still need the best horse riding lessons in Canberra. We, at Horse Riding Canberra, will provide you with horse riding packages that will suit you right. We ensure your safety, knowledge, and skills in horse riding. Just stay and learn from us as we give you the lessons you need to take into and learn to make the most of your horseback riding.

Why choose us for your horse riding lessons?

Entrusting your learning with us will ensure safety measures for you and the horse. We have a very comfortable and enjoyable environment to make your learning marvelous. There are organized horse riding treks suitable for groups. Our agistment facilities including grass arena, round yard, and sand arena are of high standards. We only provide the best horse riding lessons in the area carried out by our dedicated instructor.

Our Stables

The stables at Horse Riding Canberra are distinctively designed, safe for the horse, and more comfortable compared to the other stables. Stable handlers and staff employed here are passionate about animals. They are equipped with rudimentary and in-depth knowledge of anything horse-related. They are also keen in caring for the horses.

The structure of the stables is appropriately fit to cater every need of the horses. The stables are naturally ventilated with the capacity to protect horses from allergies and any other health issues. They offer enough functionality with safe and comfortable floors, indoor grooming stalls, proper waste management plans, and suitable feeding systems. We guarantee the protection and safety of your horse inside our stables.

Our Horses for Learning

We see to it that our horses are mentally and physically healthy, well trained, and better understanding of the lessons. You will have the opportunity to select the right horse for your skills in horse riding. Ponies are also available to make the riding experience for your child absolutely memorable. We even incorporate different horse breeds. Among them are Australian draught horse, Australian saddle pony, Arabian horse, Australian Brumby, and Australian stock horse.

Types of Horse Rides

There are various types of horses for specific kind of horse riding. They are as follows:

  1. Beginners Ride. In this riding lesson, the handlers will guide you through the horse riding rudiments. Make certain there are no accident or injury tales during your first horseback ride.
  2. Pony Lead Ride. This will allow children to see beautiful Canberra landscape on an unforgettable experience.
  3. Adventure Ride. This is characterized by a peaceful and long ride inside and around the stables through the valleys and hills to other locations for relaxation.
  4. Pathfinder Ride. This ride will take you to little-known tracks and trails to discover the area’s hidden treasure.

The best horse riding lessons in Canberra can only be achieved when you are keen on your learning.

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